Cemetery Dance #6: Hodge, Wilson, Braunbeck

Cemetery Dance #6: Hodge, Wilson, Braunbeck

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Issue #6: J. N. Williamson Special
Fall 1990
Volume Two, Issue 4
Cover art by Charles Lang
Interior art by Allen Koszowski, Alfred Klosterman, Alan Jude Summa
96 pages

"Depth Of Reflection" by David L. Duggins
"The Gift" by Jessica Palmer
"Talk Dirty To Me" by Barry Hoffman
"Wotan's Oak" by J.N. Williamson
"Nightlife: A Novel Excerpt" by Brian Hodge
"Art Is Anything You Can Get Away With" by Stefan Jackson
"Mole" by David Niall Wilson
"To His Children In Darkness" a novella by Gary A. Braunbeck

Words From The Editor by Richard Chizmar
Profiles In Terror (Featuring F. Paul Wilson) by T. Liam McDonald
Book Reviews by Edward Bryant
Hoosier Horrors: J.N. Williamson Interview
J.N. Williamson Tributes by Various Authors
Gormania by Ed Gorman
People In The Shadows (Featuring John McCarty) by Joseph Citro
Rough Cuts by Paul Sammon
Horror Quiz by A.R. Morlan
Dreadful Pleasures by Lori Perkins