Cemetery Dance #8: Relling, Tem, Brandner, Collins

Cemetery Dance #8: Relling, Tem, Brandner, Collins

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Issue #8
Spring 1991
Volume Three, Issue 2
Cover art by Charles Lang
Interior art by Allen Koszowski, Alfred Klosterman, Alan Jude Summa
96 pages

"Mama's Little Soldier" by Joseph Coulson & William Relling, Jr.
"Secrets" by Melanie Tem
"Roadkill" by Tom Elliott
"Razor Cut" by John Maclay
"Biting The Big One" by Gary Brandner
"Easy's Last Stand" by Nancy A. Collins
"Comes The Night Wind, Cold, And Hungry" by Gene Michael Higney
"The Son Also Rises" by S.K. Epperson

Words From The Editor by Richard Chizmar
Profiles In Terror (Featuring Peter Straub) by T. Liam McDonald
Gormania by Ed Gorman
American Psycho (Review) by Douglas E. Winter
Horror Quiz by A.R. Morlan
Spotlight on Publishing (Dark Harvest's Paul Mikol) by Bob Morrish
Needful Kings & Other Things by Tyson Blue
Book Reviews by Edward Bryant
Nightmare Alley by Matthew J. Costello
Rough Cuts by Paul Sammon
Dreadful Pleasures by Lori Perkins
People In The Shadows (Featuring Richard Weilgosh) by Joseph Citro