Cemetery Dance Gift Certificates!

Cemetery Dance Gift Certificates!


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Cemetery Dance Gift Certificates! They Never Expire!
Perfect For The Horror Reader Or Collector In Your Life!

These Cemetery Dance Gift Certificates are good for essentially any book, magazine, work of art, or other collectible we sell in our online store including books from other publishers, special offers like our famous Grab Bags, and even books by authors such as Stephen King, Peter Straub, William Peter Blatty, Justin Cronin, and many others!

Just add the amount you'd like to your basket and checkout like normal. Redemption instructions will be emailed to the email address on your account after your order is processed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where will I receive my Gift Certificate code?

A: It'll be in your ORDER CONFIRMATION email. You may also receive a seperate email from the store with the code.

Q: How do I redeem a Gift Certificate during the checkout process?

A: Begin checking out like normal and when you reach the SHIPPING page, click on "HAVE A GIFT CERTIFICATE?" and then enter your code and click APPLY. If the code is redeemed properly by the system, you should see a "STORE CREDIT" payment option appear in the options on the page, which will show your current store credit balance.

Q: Are these Gift Certificates good for pre-ordering the upcoming Stephen King books?

A: Yes, absolutely!

Q: Do I have to use the entire amount of the Gift Certificate on a single order?

A: Nope! When you redeem the Gift Certificate code for the first time during the checkout process, your Gift Certificate "balance" will be "assigned" to your customer account -- and the store will offer the remaining balance as a "payment option" on subsequent orders until you use the full amount!

Q: Can we use multiple Gift Certificate on a single order (i.e. three $100.00 codes)?

A: Yes, absolutely! Just keep clicking on the

Q: Are they initially transferable if I wanted to get some for other people?

A: Yes! Your Gift Certificate code will be in your ORDER CONFIRMATION EMAIL and you can send that Gift Certificate code to anyone you want as a gift. Once a code is redeemed during checkout, meaning "used for the first time," it then gets credited to that customer account for future orders. Until the code is redeemed, it can be sent to anyone you'd like!

Q: Can Gift Certificates be used on eBay orders?

A: Sorry, Gift Certificates cannot be applied to eBay orders, items we're selling on consignment, and shipping/postage charges. Gift Certificates are a non-refundable purchase and we cannot refund your purchase of a Gift Certificate for any reason. Gift Certificates are also non-transferrable once they have been redeemed to an account.

PLEASE NOTE: Gift Certificates and Coupon Codes cannot be used toward the purchase of a Gift Certificate. If you use a Gift Certificate or Coupon Code when purchasing a Gift Certificate, you will be contacted about paying the balance owed and your Coupon Code or Gift Certificate may not be returned. Due to the manual work involved to fix the transaction, we will have to charge you a 25% restocking fee on the refund to your original certificate.