Cemetery Dance Select: Ed Gorman (eBook)

Cemetery Dance Select: Ed Gorman (eBook)

  • Author: Ed Gorman
  • Page Count: 100 pages (estimated)
  • Pub. Date: October 6, 2016
  • Status: E-Book

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Cemetery Dance Select: Ed Gorman
by Ed Gorman

About the eBook:
The Cemetery Dance Select series invites some of our favorite authors to spotlight a sampling of their own short fiction: award-winners, stories they consider their best or that had the most impact on their career—or neglected favorites they feel deserve a second look.

Long-time fans will enjoy revisiting some classic tales. New readers will find this series a handy introduction to each author’s best work.

Each Cemetery Dance Select mini-collection includes an exclusive Afterword where the author explains the reasoning behind each selection, and provides insights into the writing of each story.

The stories Ed Gorman has chosen for this collection are:

Different Kinds of Dead
Eye of the Beholder

About the Author:
Ed Gorman has published numerous novels in the suspense field as well as several collections of short stories.  Kirkus Reviews called him "One of the most original crime writers around" while the Oxford Book of American Crime Fiction noted "His novels and stories provide fresh ideas, characters and approaches." Gorman has won the Shamus and the International Fiction Award. He's been nominated twice for an Edgar and once for the UK's Silver Dagger. His novel The Poker Club was made into the film of the same name.