Cemetery Dance Select: Simon Clark (eBook)

Cemetery Dance Select: Simon Clark (eBook)

  • Author: Simon Clark
  • Page Count: 125 pages (estimated)
  • Pub. Date: October 6, 2016
  • Status: E-Book

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Cemetery Dance Select: Simon Clark
by Simon Clark

About the eBook:
The Cemetery Dance Select series invites some of our favorite authors to spotlight a sampling of their own short fiction: award-winners, stories they consider their best or that had the most impact on their career—or neglected favorites they feel deserve a second look.

Long-time fans will enjoy revisiting some classic tales. New readers will find this series a handy introduction to each author’s best work.

Each Cemetery Dance Select mini-collection includes an exclusive Afterword where the author explains the reasoning behind each selection, and provides insights into the writing of each story.

The stories Simon Clark has chosen for this collection are:

Children of the Vortex
They Will Not Rest
Frankenstein, Victor
Happy Ending

About the Author:
Simon Clark has been a professional author for more than fifteen years. When his first novel, Nailed by the Heart, made it through the slush pile in 1994 he banked the advance and embarked upon his dream of becoming a full-time writer. Many dreams and nightmares later he wrote the cult horror-thriller Blood Crazy, and other novels including Death's Dominion, Vengeance Child, and The Night of the Triffids, which continues the story of Wyndham's classic The Day of the Triffids.