Cemetery Dance #78: Pronzini, Thomas, Vincent, Chambers

Cemetery Dance #78: Pronzini, Thomas, Vincent, Chambers

  • Pub. Date: March 2023

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issue 78
Issue #78

Publication Date: March 2023
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“Kindred Spirits” by Bill Pronzini
“The Scarlet Dust” by Tony Richards
“All that We See or Seem” by Tina Callaghan
“They Listen” by James Chambers
“Spilt Milk and Sauce Stains” by Neil Andrew Hudson
“Battle Not With Monsters” by Richard Thomas
“White Paint” by Annie Neugebauer
“Dry Rot” by by Michael Sebastian
“Stonefall” by by Chandler Kaiden

Interview: Alma Katsu by Blu Gilliand
Featured Review: Later by Stephen King – Bev Vincent

The Usual Suspects
"Words from the Editor" by Richard Chizmar
"Stephen King News: From the Dead Zone" by Bev Vincent
"The Last 10 Books I've Read" by Ellen Datlow
"MediaDrome" by Michael Marano"
Let’s Get Started, Shall We?" by Gabino Iglesias
"Horror Drive-In" by Mark Sieber