Damage and Dread (eBook)

Damage and Dread (eBook)

  • Author: Kevin Quigley
  • Pub. Date: April 24, 2020
  • Status: E-Book

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Damage & Dread
by Kevin Quigley

About the eBook:
I bet you're hungry.

Hungry for new stories from horror writer Kevin Quigley. Hungry for terror. Hungry for damage. Hungry for dread.

Make a meal out of dispatches from the future in “You’re Going to Kill Me,” detailing gruesome crimes yet to happen, and the off-kilter mind of the man who discovers them. Feast on “The Extinction Device,” in which two women discover the ability to play God with things long dead. Sate yourself with “The Coming of the Elves,” a sinister tale of holiday madness. And gorge yourself on “Drawn to the Flame,” where a dark carnival is only the start of the horrors, and a swarm of fear threatens to swallow you whole.

These stories and more set the table in the murkiest corners of your imagination. Pull up a chair and grab your knife and fork: the terror won’t stop until you get your fill.

Kevin Quigley is a novelist, critic, and blogger. He has written several chapbooks about Stephen King for Cemetery Dance, including "Chart of Darkness," "Drawn Into Darkness," "Blood In Your Ears," "Ink In the Veins," and "Wetware," as well as the upcoming A Good Story and Good Words: The Many Worlds of Stephen King. In addition, he writes reviews for the horror megasite FEARnet.com and blogs about Disneyland and Walt Disney World for WEDwayRadio.com. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts with his partner, Shawn.