Devil's Creek, by Todd Keisling

Devil's Creek, by Todd Keisling

  • Author: Todd Keisling
  • Artist: Todd Keisling
  • Page Count: 520
  • Pub. Date: January 2023
  • Status: In-Stock

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About the Book:

About fifteen miles west of Stauford, Kentucky lies Devil’s Creek. According to local legend, there used to be a church out there, home to the Lord’s Church of Holy Voices—a death cult where Jacob Masters preached the gospel of a nameless god.

And like most legends, there’s truth buried among the roots and bones.

In 1983, the church burned to the ground following a mass suicide. Among the survivors were Jacob’s six children and their grandparents, who banded together to defy their former minister. Dubbed the “Stauford Six,” these children grew up amid scrutiny and ridicule, but their infamy has faded over the last thirty years.

Now their ordeal is all but forgotten, and Jacob Masters is nothing more than a scary story told around campfires.

For Jack Tremly, one of the Six, memories of that fateful night have fueled a successful art career—and a lifetime of nightmares. When his grandmother Imogene dies, Jack returns to Stauford to settle her estate. What he finds waiting for him are secrets Imogene kept in his youth, secrets about his father and the church. Secrets that can no longer stay buried.

The roots of Jacob’s buried god run deep, and within the heart of Devil’s Creek, something is beginning to stir…

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TODD KEISLING is the Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of Devil’s Creek. His other works include Scanlines, The Final Reconciliation, and The Monochrome Trilogy, among other shorter works.

His novel, Devil’s Creek, was nominated for the 2020 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Novel. A pair of his earlier works were recipients of the University of Kentucky’s Oswald Research & Creativity Prize for Creative Writing (2002 and 2005), and his second novel, The Liminal Man, was a finalist for the Indie Book Award in Horror & Suspense (2013).

He dabbles in graphic design under the moniker of Dullington Design Co., and his work has graced the covers of titles published by Silver Shamrock Publishing, Flame Tree Press, Third Crow Press, Crystal Lake Publishing, Precipice Books, and Nightscape Publishing.

His written work has been praised by Cemetery Dance, This Is Horror, Night Worms, The Eyes of Madness, Hellnotes, and Horror Novel Reviews.

“Brimming with dread and rooted deeply in the legacy of great American weird fiction, Devil’s Creek belongs in the pantheon of the best small-town horror novels from Lovecraft to Charles Grant, Michael McDowell to King. Keisling’s darkly imaginative creation of Stauford, Kentucky and the terrible things that lie beneath it will not only keep you up late to keep turning the pages, it will haunt you for some time to come. A stunning work.” —Ed Kurtz, author of The Rib from Which I Remake the World

“In Todd Keisling’s excellent Devil’s Creek, one preacher’s search for ultimate answers leads to ultimate horror for him and the members of his congregation. A generation later, one of Jacob Masters’ children returns to the small Kentucky community where his father came to ruin to confront the legacy of his dark actions. In the process, Jack Tremly discovers that the malevolence he had thought long gone is nothing of the kind. In smooth prose, Keisling skillfully evokes the landscape and inhabitants of south-central Kentucky, as well as the struggles of his protagonist to deal with a past resurgent in the most immediate and frightening ways. Another step forward for him, Devil’s Creek shows why Todd Keisling runs at the front of the pack.” –John Langan, author of Sefira and Other Betrayals

"Bram Stoker Award nominated author Todd Keisling’s Devil’s Creek is a sprawling examination of the wickedness that lingers and blooms in a small town and how its history threatens to devour us all. In Stauford, Kentucky innocence is at constant threat by madness. To watch the worship of evil here unfold is compelling and compulsive." –Cynthia Pelayo, Bram Stoker Award nominated author of Children of Chicago

Devil’s Creek is an epic novel about small town evil that will touch your heart as it seizes it with fear. Once again, Todd Keisling has proven himself a master storyteller. He guides you confidently into the dark, creating a false sense of security, before leaving you to fend for yourself against the terrors of his imagination. Keisling gets better every time I read him, and this is his best work to date. Rush out and buy this book but be forewarned. You’ll drown in Devil’s Creek, and its waters are unclean.” – Brian Kirk, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of We Are Monsters and Will Haunt You

"Todd Keisling's DEVILS CREEK is the kind of book you have to read with your lights on. Hell, make sure your neighbors have their lights on too!" - S.A. Cosby, New York Times best-selling author of Razorblade Tears and Blacktop Wasteland