• Author: Ty Schwamberger
  • Pub. Date: November 25, 2020
  • Status: E-Book

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by Ty Schwamberger

About the eBook:
On their way to a weekend of debauchery, Dawn, Cindy and Morgan decide to stop at Mel's Diner to get their "best burgers this side of Vegas." While at the diner, they eat, make fun of the restaurant’s patrons, and finish the meal off by doing the most sacrilegious thing a customer can do -- skip out on their bill.

What ensues is a large truck following them along a deserted stretch of road, a blinding light that almost causes them to wreck, a few shotgun blasts, a long walk down a dark road, and some horrific events that unfold inside a cabin deep in the woods. Is it the diner’s owner coming to collect on the girls' tab, or someone with more than money on their mind? What do they want? What is the driver of the truck willing to do once they come to an abrupt stop on the side of the road?

The three college friends will find out soon enough.

Ty Schwamberger is an award-winning author & editor in the horror genre. He is the author of a novel, multiple novellas, collections and editor on several anthologies. In addition, he’s had many short stories published online and in print. Two stories, “Cake Batter” (released in 2010) and “House Call” (initially released in June 2013, then picked up for worldwide distribution in 2020) have been adapted into film. He is currently working with several other filmmakers for additional film options. He is an Active Member of the International Thriller Writers.