Every House Is Haunted, by Ian Rogers

Every House Is Haunted, by Ian Rogers

  • Author: Ian Rogers
  • Artist: Ben Baldwin
  • Page Count: 328
  • Pub. Date: October 21st, 2022
  • ISBN: 978-1-58767-845-5
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Every House Is Haunted
by Ian Rogers

With an introduction by Paul Tremblay.

*Includes "The House on Ashley Avenue," currently in development as a NETFLIX FEATURE FILM!"

About the Book:

“There are haunted places in the world, all existing in reality and every bit as tangible and accessible as the house next door. Sometimes it is the house next door.”

In this brilliant debut collection, Ian Rogers explores the border-places between our world and the dark reaches of the supernatural. A mysterious double murder draws the attention of an insurance company with a special interest in the paranormal. A honeymoon cabin with an unspeakable appetite finally meets its match. A suburban home is transformed into the hunting ground for a new breed of spider. A nightmarish jazz club at the crossroads of reality plays host to those who can break a deal with the devil...for a price. With remarkable deftness, Rogers draws together the deadly and the disturbing in twenty-two showcase stories that will guide you through terrain at once familiar and startlingly fresh.

Published as a trade paperback:
• Printed on 60# acid-free paper
• Featuring full color cover artwork
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IAN ROGERS is an award-winning author whose short fiction has appeared in Tor.com, Cemetery Dance, Broken Pencil, and Shadows & Tall Trees. His work has been selected for The Best Horror of the Year and Imaginarium: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing. For more information, visit www.ian-rogers.com..

“Ian is a fantastic storyteller of horror. He has an ability to create a unique reading experience with great scares and memorable characters. I knew the moment I finished reading Every House Is Haunted that Ian was someone I wanted to work with.” — Sam Raimi, Director of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

“...the 22 stories in Rogers’s debut collection demonstrate the author’s talent for finding the terrifying in the seemingly ordinary... This work of classic horror in the style of Shirley Jackson, Richard Matheson, and early Stephen King should attract fans of a more refined kind of horror.” — Library Journal

“...Rogers offers some real gems. Every House Is Haunted is a harbinger of great things to come.” — San Francisco Book Review