Understanding Your Packing Slip

QTY Column

This is the number of copies of each item you ordered. That does not necessarily mean this is the number of copies in your shipment. See the next question to determine how many copies should have been in your package.

Shipped Column

This is the number of copies of each item that should be in the package you've received.

B/O (Back Ordered) Column

This is the number of copies of each item that are PREorders. This means the books are not in the package and will be shipping at a later date. "B/O" stands for backordered.

Packing Slip FAQ

I received the in-stock portion of my order, but the packing slip lists the forthcoming items as "being ready to refund" and there is an "amount to refund" at the bottom of the slip. What does this mean?

This is how our current system shows that an item is a "back order" or "preorder" — your preorder items ARE still reserved for you and no refund is being prepared. We're looking into whether we can customize this form to make this more clear.

Why did the shipping costs change between the time I checked out, and I got my first shipment?

Pinpointing shipping charges for multiple items that ship at different times, is hard to get right 100% of the time. Sometimes we have to manually adjust the amount at time of shipment.

If the items on your order are shipping in separate shipments, your invoice/packing slip will show the ENTIRE shipping amount for all of those shipments, not just the shipment you just received. So, no worries. Your shipping has not been doubled, as it might appear at first glance.

I still have a question. Can someone help me?

Please email our office at our office if you have any other questions or if anything isn't clear.