Glenn Chadbourne Paints You, Your Family, Your Pets, and More!

Glenn Chadbourne Paints You, Your Family, Your Pets, and More!


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Want a Personalized Horror Painting For Your Home or Office?
Glenn Chadbourne Haunts Your House, Paints Your Zombie Family Portraits, Zombifies Your Pet, and Haunts Your Holidays!
These Paintings Will be 11 X 17 and ONE OF A KIND and Unique For YOU!

Glenn Chadbourne, who is known all over the world for his incredible horror paintings and his work with Stephen King, is making some time available in his schedule so he can work on a few commissioned, personalized horror paintings for our collectors!

For those who haven't seen these before, Glenn will paint FULL SIZE COLOR PAINTINGS -- these are not just a drawing or a sketch!

Several days of painting and layering will go into the work and these are absolutely the coolest piece of original artwork you could commission!

These unique works of art will look great in your home or office, and they will be numbered "1 of 1" so everyone will know you own the original! An original Glenn Chadbourne painting could be the perfect gift for the special horror reader in your life — or for yourself because you won't find these anywhere else!

Even better, Glenn is offering these full-size, one-of-a-kind commissioned paintings for just $299 each plus shipping for a limited time only!

Here's how this process works:

1) You place your order through our website using the product listed above.

2) After you place your order, please reply to your order confirmation email with:

A) ONE or TWO good, non-blurry photos you want Glenn to reference! Please don't sent a bunch of photos, it just creates a mess for him to sort through... One or two really works best!

B) Any notes you have about what you want! See the suggestions below if you're not sure what to ask him for!

3) Once we receive your email with your photos and notes, we'll package everything up and send it to Glenn Chadbourne, so he can schedule the work on his end!

4) When he completes your painting, he'll ship this ORIGINAL PAINTING to us and we'll ship it to you!

Glenn may take artistic liberties with the background, arrangement, and other elements, of course, but we think you'll be thrilled with what he comes up with for you!

Here are some of Glenn's suggestions for the different types of commissions he's undertaken in the past:

* Glenn Chadbourne Haunts Your House!

Every now and then, someone will ask Glenn to paint a picture of their home... only they want Glenn to apply his unique imagination to the picture and "haunt" the house! The house itself can become creepy, or the land around it might be overrun by zombies, or some ghosts might even show up... you never know how Glenn will turn your home into your own personal Hell House!

* Glenn Chadbourne's Zombie Family Portraits!

These personalized ZOMBIE FAMILY PORTRAITS are a customer favorite! Take any personal photo or family photo — formal or candid shots — and Glenn will transport you and/or your family to the zombie apocalypse! If you'd rather be a solo zombie and leave your family behind, that's okay, too. Send us a photo of your choice and Glenn will get to work!

* Glenn Chadbourne Creates Your New Holiday Card!

If you want to send Glenn one of your family's holiday photos, he'll paint the scene into his own "horrifying" version that you could use for your holiday cards next year if you'd like!

* Glenn Chadbourne Zombifies Your Pet!

Glenn is ready to take your favorite pet(s) to the next level: zombified! If you've ever wondered what your pet would look like in zombie form, this is your chance! Any kind of pet will work and Glenn can include multiple pets in the same painting. The pets can be referenced from different "source" photos — there's no need to try to get the dog and cat to pose together — and Glenn will use his artistic license to work them into the final image.

This special offer is only good while the few available slots remain — and they're being sold First Come, First Served, so you'll want to get your order in fast!

As always, Glenn Chadbourne retains all rights to the finished artwork and his artwork may not be republished or reproduced without his permission. He may reuse the artwork for publication, resell prints, and/or license to use the image as he sees fit.