I'm On Fire (eBook)

I'm On Fire (eBook)

  • Author: Kevin Quigley
  • Page Count: 546
  • Pub. Date: July 7, 2015
  • Status: E-Book

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I'm On Fire
by Kevin Quigley

About the eBook:
High school sophomore Laurie Reardon is drawn into the horror when she is only fifteen.  The placid suburban surface of Staketon, Connecticut had long held its secrets--wicked stepmothers, grisly legends, and the darkness of a foreboding forest--but now a series of brutal murders has forced them into the light… and into Laurie’s life.  Her drive to solve the murders becomes an obsession, one that ensnares her sister, her friends, her mentors, and her prince-charming boyfriend, all of whom have secrets of their own.  Will Laurie prevail, or will the darkness consume her? 
From the mind that brought you the terrifying visions of This Terrestrial Hell comes I'm On Fire, a novel that will scorch your perceptions, obliterate your sleep, and scare you half to death.

Kevin Quigley is a novelist, critic, and blogger. He has written several chapbooks about Stephen King for Cemetery Dance, including "Chart of Darkness," "Drawn Into Darkness," "Blood In Your Ears," "Ink In the Veins," and "Wetware," as well as the upcoming A Good Story and Good Words: The Many Worlds of Stephen King. In addition, he writes reviews for the horror megasite FEARnet.com and blogs about Disneyland and Walt Disney World for WEDwayRadio.com. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts with his partner, Shawn.