Midnight Rain (eBook)

Midnight Rain (eBook)

  • Author: James Newman
  • Page Count: 285 pages (estimated)
  • Pub. Date: September 28, 2016
  • Status: E-Book

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Midnight Rain
by James Newman

About the eBook:
MIDNIGHT RAIN is a dark coming-of-age novel in the vein of Robert McCammon's BOY'S LIFE and Stephen King's THE BODY (STAND BY ME). It is a tale of growing up in the South, a reflection of boyhood and all its wonders, and the story of how one boy deals with a terrible secret that threatens to tear apart both his family and hometown.

1977... In a small town called Midnight, North Carolina, twelve-year-old Kyle Mackey ventures toward a strange new world called manhood... Kyle's older brother Dan is going away to college. The night before Dan's flight leaves for Florida, Kyle visits what he calls his "Secret Place" -- an old shack in the woods bordering Midnight.

But Kyle stumbles upon something that proves his favorite spot in the world is neither as private nor as innocent as he once thought...

It begins with the naked, battered corpse of a young woman. And, standing over her, a man Kyle knows...

About the Author:
James Newman is the author of the novels Midnight Rain, The Wicked, Animosity, and Ugly as Sin, and the quizbook 666 Hair-Raising Horror Movie Trivia Questions. When he's not writing, he spends too much time on Facebook and not enough time updating his official website, www.james-newman.com