Slipcases and Traycase for Under the Dome by Stephen King

Slipcases and Traycase for Under the Dome by Stephen King

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Under the Dome by Stephen King
Custom-made Slipcases and Traycases For A Limited Time Only!


We've heard from several very good collectors who were surprised to learn that the Collector's Set and Limited Edition of Under the Dome by Stephen King did not come with slipcases or traycases. As long-time collectors of Stephen King books, we definitely understand where they're coming from since most editions like this usually do come in some kind of protective case!

Considering how important slipcases and traycases are to preserving a high-end collector's edition for future generations and protecting the future value of the book, we decided to go ahead and commission our own custom-made slipcases and traycases for this title. These are in no way associated with the publisher of the book, but they are sized to fit the appropriate edition.

Because these were custom-made in a ONE TIME run, we only accepted reservations for TWO WEEKS... and the only reason we have extras is because some Non-US customers never paid for postage, but their loss is your gain! WE WILL NOT BE MAKING MORE OF THESE... EVER!

We know that not everyone could afford the Collector's Set or the signed Limited Edition, so we also made a slipcase for the regular trade hardcover edition. If you want a little something extra for your King collection, this would be a great way to protect that hardcover for generations to come!

Here are the three options we have:

• Custom-made REGULAR SLIPCASE featuring hot foil stamping on the spine -- for the REGULAR trade edition ($24.95)

• Custom-made DELUXE SLIPCASE featuring a different cloth material than the regular slipcase and hot foil stamping on the front and the spine -- for the Collector's Gift Edition that came with the playing cards ($29.95)

• Custom-made DELUXE TRAYCASE (like you'd expect to see on one of our Lettered Editions) featuring hot foil stamping on the front and the spine -- for the Signed Limited Edition OR for the Collector's Gift Edition ($49.95)

If you're interested in reserving one of these remaining cases, please don't wait! Please be aware, of course, that these are just cases for the books and this offer does not include the actual books, but this is a unique chance to add value to your collection and it won't last long!

We need to charge $12 US shipping for these cases due to the cost of postage on them. Please be sure to select the correct case for the edition you have because we cannot accept any returns on this item. For the same reason, we cannot accept any orders placed with coupons, gift certificates, savings certificates, etc.