Nightmares: An Anthology

Nightmares: An Anthology

  • Pub. Date: Late Spring 2022
  • Status: Out of Print

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Publisher: Gauntlet Press
Publication Date: Late Spring 2022

About the Book:
Sandra Becerril, the most renowned horror writer out of Mexico, brings together three Hollywood masters and legends of the genre for the first time in NIGHTMARES: AN ANTHOLOGY: Four horror stories that will take your sleep away by soaking you in their nightmares!

NIGHTMARES is an edgy anthology, introduced by John Skipp, featuring dark stories about nightmares by Sandra Becerril, Mick Garris, Lawrence C. Connolly, and R.C. Matheson.  The cover art is by the brilliant horror director David Slade. It's quite an impressive package, with thought-provoking introductions each author wrote to their stories.

Johnn Skipp will provide an introduction and sign the lettered edition.

500-copy numbered edition signed by all 4 authors is $50
52-copy traycased lettered edition signed by all 4 authors and John Skipp is $150