October Dreams 2

October Dreams 2

  • Editor: Richard Chizmar and Robert Morrish
  • Artist: Stacy Drum
  • Page Count: Trade Hardcover (398) and Slipcased Limited Edition (508)
  • Pub. Date: Trade Hardcover (March 24, 2015) and Slipcased Limited Edition (October 31, 2017)
  • ISBN: 978-1-58767-492-1
  • Status: Out of Print

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October Dreams 2: A Celebration of Halloween
edited by Richard Chizmar & Robert Morrish

About the Book:
The long-awaited follow up to one of the most acclaimed Halloween anthologies ever! This oversized volume contains spooky Halloween short stories, dozens of authors and artists recalling their own personal memories of Halloween, and essays detailing the history of Halloween.

"Mr. Dark's Carnival" by Glen Hirshberg
"Universal Horrors" by Stephen Graham Jones
My Favorite Halloween Memory: "Perspective" by Michael McBride
"The Scariest Thing I Know" by Dean Koontz
"Guising" by Gemma Files
My Favorite Halloween Memory: "Gort Klaatu Barada Trick or Treat" by Nancy Holder
My Favorite Halloween Memory: "Under the Autumn Stars" by Tim Waggoner
"Monsters" by Stewart O'Nan
"Death and Disbursement" by S.P. Miskowski
My Favorite Halloween Memory: "All the News" by Karen Heuler
"Dear Dead Jenny" by Ian McDowell
"What Blooms in Shadow Withers in Light" by Richard Gavin
My Favorite Halloween Memory by M. Rickert
"The 'Corn Factory" by Benjamin Kane Ethridge
"In a Dark October" by Joe R. Lansdale
My Favorite Halloween Memory: "The Real Darkborn" by Matthew Costello
"The October Game" by Ray Bradbury
"Fear of Fallen Leaves" by James Newman
My Favorite Halloween Memory: "Costume" by Melanie Tem
My Favorite Halloween Memory: "Dancing With Mr. Death" by Kealan Patrick Burke
"Scarecrow" by Roberta Lannes
"Strange Candy" by Robert McCammon
My Favorite Halloween Memory by Harry Shannon
My Favorite Halloween Memory: "That Which Doesn't Kill You Earns You Candy" by Nate Southard
"The Pumpkin" by Robert Bloch
"Mr. and Mrs. Werewolf " by Whitley Strieber
My Favorite Halloween Memory: "Rescuer?" by Nicole Cushing
My Favorite Halloween Memory by Ray Garton
"Great Pumpkins and Ghost Hunters: Halloween on TV" by Lisa Morton
"The Pumpkin Smasher" by Al Sarrantonio
"The House on Cottage Lane" by Ronald Malfi
My Favorite Halloween Memory by Tim Curran
"The Dry Season" by James A. Moore
"The Spirit of Things" by John Skipp
My Favorite Halloween Memory: "Haunting Season" by Orrin Grey
My Favorite Halloween Memory: "The Witch of Walnut" by Elizabeth Massie
"The Little Werewolf Who Cried" by Al Magliochetti
"The Boy in the White Sheet" by Bev Vincent
My Favorite Halloween Memory by Richard Gavin
My Favorite Halloween Memory: "The Last Halloween" by Ronald Kelly
"Sexy Pirate Girl" by Lisa Morton
"Monster Night" by Brian James Freeman
My Favorite Halloween Memory: "Screams in the Asylum" by James Newman
"Underfolk" by Tina Callaghan
My Favorite Halloween Memory: "Pumpkin Parade" by Sephera Giron
"October Dreams" by Michael Kelly

Published in three states:
• Trade Hardcover Edition ($40)
• Slipcased Limited Edition Hardcover of 450 signed (by dozens of contributors) and numbered copies ($150)
• Deluxe Traycased Lettered Edition of 52 signed (by dozens of contributors) and lettered copies bound in leather with a satin ribbon page marker ($500)

Limited Edition and Lettered Edition Signed By:
SHEET #1: Nancy Holder, S.P. Miskowski, Benjamin Kane Ethridge, John Skipp, Whitley Strieber, Harry Shannon, Lisa Morton, Al Magliochetti, Glen Hirshberg, Roberta Lannes, Robert Morrish, Ray Garton
SHEET #2: Ian McDowell, James Newman, James Moore, Ronald Kelly, Nicole Cushing, Tim Waggoner, Kealan Patrick Burke, Stewart O'Nan, Al Sarrantonio, Matthew Costello, Karen Heuler
SHEET #3: Joe Lansdale. Bev Vincent, Nate Southard, Stephen Graham Jones, Melanie Tem, Michael McBride, Orrin Grey, M. Rickert, Tim Curran
SHEET #4 (with Numbering Line): Tina Callaghan, Michael Kelly, Gemma Files, Sephera Giron, Richard Gavin, Ronald Malfi, Elizabeth Massie, Richard Chizmar

Reviews to come...

Richard ChizmarRichard Chizmar is the founder and publisher/editor of Cemetery Dance magazine and the Cemetery Dance Publications book imprint. He has edited more than a dozen anthologies, including The Best of Cemetery Dance, The Earth Strikes Back, Night Visions 10, October Dreams (with Robert Morrish), and the Shivers series. Chizmar's fiction has appeared in dozens of publications, including Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine and The Year's 25 Finest Crime and Mystery Stories. He has won two World Fantasy Awards, four International Horror Guild Awards, and the HWA's Board of Trustees Award. Chizmar has appeared at numerous conferences as a writing instructor, guest speaker, panelist, and guest of honor.

Robert Morrish is the former editor of Cemetery Dance magazine and co-editor of The Scream Factory magazine, and has edited or co-edited several anthologies, including Robert MorrishOctober Dreams (winner of the International Horror Guild award) and Thrillers II. His long-running column on the horror small press, “Spotlight on Publishing,” has been appearing in Cemetery Dance since issue #8 in 1991. He also writes ongoing columns for Dark Discoveries magazine and Beware The Dark magazine. Morrish's short fiction has appeared in more than two dozen anthologies, including The UFO Files, Subterranean Gallery, At Ease With the Dead, In Laymon's Terms, and all seven volumes of the Shivers series. He was formerly the lead horror reviewer for Publishers Weekly, and has also had reviews and articles appear in mainstream publications such as The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Daily News, and The West Coast Review of Books, and genre publications such as Weird Tales, Rue Morgue, Cinefantastique, and Rod Serling's Twilight Zone Magazine.