• Author: Al Sarrantonio
  • Artist: Alan M. Clark (cover) and Keith Minnion (interiors)
  • Page Count: 180
  • Pub. Date: 2002
  • ISBN: 1-58767-064-X
  • Status: Out of Print

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by Al Sarrantonio

About the Book:
Come to ORANGEFIELD, where Halloween is always special...

In the town of Orangefield, nestled in a glorious orange ring of pumpkin patches in the mountains of upstate New York, Halloween is the best time of year. Orangefield produces the cleanest, fattest, brightest-colored, longest-lasting-after-picking, finest pumpkins in the East, and its week-long Pumpkin Days festival, with its contests, cook-offs and decorations, is the finest celebration of autumn anywhere.

But there is a darker, more secret side to Halloween in Orangefield. For the town has become the home of Samhain, the Celtic Lord of Death, whose own ancient festival became the modern holiday of pumpkin carving and trick or treating. In Orangefield, myths and stories of Samhain abound. But this year myth becomes reality as the Lord of Halloween attempts to usher in a reign of death and destruction to the idyllic town — and the world.

The fate of all life rests in the hands of a little girl called Wizard, and the remembrance of a long forgotten horror...

Al SarrantonioAl Sarrantonio is the author of more than forty books. He is a winner of the Bram Stoker Award and has been a finalist for the World Fantasy Award, the British Fantasy Award, the International Horror Guild Award, the Locus Award and the Private Eye Writers of America Shamus Award.

His novels, spanning the horror, science fiction, fantasy, mystery and western genres, include Moonbane, Skeletons, House Haunted, The Five Worlds Trilogy, The Mars Trilogy, West Texas, Orangefield, and Hallows Eve, the last two part of his Halloween cycle of stories.

Hailed as "a master anthologist" by Booklist, he has edited numerous collections, including the highly acclaimed 999: New Stories of Horror and Suspense, Redshift: Extreme Visions of Speculative Fiction, Flights: Extreme Visions of Fantasy, and Halloween: New Poems.

His short stories have appeared in magazines such as Heavy Metal, Twilight Zone, Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Realms of Fantasy, Analog, and Amazing, as well as in anthologies such as The Year's Best Horror Stories, Visions of Fantasy: Tales from the Masters, Great Ghost Stories, and The Best of Shadows. His best horror stories have been collected in Toybox, Hornets and Others, and Halloween and Other Seasons.

He has had numerous book club sales, and his work has been translated into more than a dozen languages and appeared in comic book form. He currently lives in New York's historic Hudson Valley region with his family.

Published in two states:
• Limited Edition of 1,000 signed copies ($35)
• Traycased Lettered Edition of 26 signed and lettered copies bound in leather with a satin ribbon page marker and additional full-color artwork ($175)