Trade Paperback Book Club, 2023 Part II

Trade Paperback Book Club, 2023 Part II

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The 2023 Cemetery Dance Trade Paperback Book Club!

Second Term

The First Term of the 2023 Cemetery Dance Trade Paperback Book Club was a success and popular with horror readers all over, so we're bringing it back for the second half of 2023! Same Deal, More Great Books!

In the Second Term, Trade Paperback Club members receive:

1) 6 paperbacks over the course of six months: Members will receive six paperbacks - one in August, two in September, and then three in December! 6 for $66!

2) A surprise signed bookplate for one of our selections: Members will receive a signed bookplate for one of our selections, which will be made available to them, only.

Additional Notes:

Your membership in the Second Term of the 2023 Trade Paperback Club will begin August 2023 and will end December 2023.

Unfortunately, we can't account for those who may pre-order and receive individual books which end up as book club selections, and because of expectations of a high volume of orders, we won't be able to swap titles for ones you may have ordered on your own. All we can guarantee is that all of the selections for the Second Term of the 2023 Trade Paperback Club are due for release in August 2023 - December 2023. However, we can tell you the August selection which will lead off 2023's Second Term:

  A brand new novel by Robert Ford, The Dead Pennies!

About the book:

After leaving an abusive relationship, Abby visits an old friend on her way to her mother’s in Florida. Hayden’s Uncle Jack is renovating a building into high-end apartments in town, and with the lure of living rent-free in a beautiful loft, Abby becomes the caretaker with the entire building all to herself.

Abby hears strange sounds in the building. Shadows move as if they’re alive. Led to believe the structure was previously a school, Abby is told by the last living employee of Harper’s Grove that the building used to be a home for the infirm and unwanted children, the Dead Pennies of society, unfit for circulation. Abby and Hayden search for the cause of the strange events at Harper’s Grove, and find out why the spirits of the dead children won’t sleep until they get vengeance.

But there’s also another evil at play—this one of a human nature. Abby’s ex-boyfriend, Nick, finds out where she has run off to. He won’t stop for anything until she’s back in his clutches, but Nick doesn’t expect to come up against the raging spirits of the Dead Pennies.

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