Trade Paperback Book Club 2024

Trade Paperback Book Club 2024

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The 2024 Cemetery Dance Trade Paperback Book Club!

First Term

The First and Second Term of the 2023 Cemetery Dance Trade Paperback Book Club was a success and popular with horror readers all over, so we're bringing it back for 2024! Same Deal, More Great Books, with this added bonus - this time, we're announcing the titles today!

In the Second Term, Trade Paperback Club members receive:

1) 6 paperbacks over the course of six months: Members will receive six paperbacks for $66!

2)  A surprise signed bookplate to accompany the final shipment.

3) You will receive the following titles:

Bruises on a Butterfly, by Chad Lutzke
Faith of Dawn, by Kristin Dearborn
Hollow Girls, by Jessica Drake-Thomas
Other Places, by Thomas Smith
Blood Covenant, by Alan Baxter
The Monster Variations, by Daniel Kraus

Additional Notes:

Your membership in the First Term of the 2024 Trade Paperback Club will begin January 2024 and will end June 2024.

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