Trade Paperback Book Club Part 2

Trade Paperback Book Club Part 2 SALE



The 2024 Cemetery Dance Trade Paperback Book Club!


The wildly popular Cemetery Dance Trade Paperback Book Club is back! Same Deal, More Great Books, with this added bonus - going forward, to avoid confusion, we're announcing the titles today!

In the Second Term, Trade Paperback Club members receive:

1) 6 paperbacks over the course of six months: Members will receive six paperbacks for $66! That's nearly 50% off, and several of the books will ship out before the official release date!

2) At least one of the books will be handsigned. Additionally, at least one will have a Paperback Book Club exclusive signed bookplate to accompany a book!

3) You will receive the following titles:

Muse, by James Renner
Down Into the Sea, by Dan Franklin
My Love is a Crematorium, by Mercedes M Yardley
Sycamore, by Ian Rogers
A Blade to Silence the Screams, by Tom Deady
You Can't Save What Isn't There, by Paul Michael Anderson

Additional Notes:

Your membership in the Second Term of the 2024 Trade Paperback Club will begin July 2024 and will end December 2024. We reserve the right to exchange or replace any given title with a different new release in order to keep to a timely schedule. In the unlikely event we do so, we will inform everyone of the conflict to help prevent conflicting preorders.

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