Last updated December 12, 2022

General update:

Busy start to the New Year in the Cemetery Dance warehouse, and it’s only going to get busier as 2023 goes along. Stacks of grab bags, mystery boxes, and LATER slipcases headed out the door, as well as new titles from Gauntlet Publications, Borderlands Press, and Thunderstorm Books. Next week, we’ll start shipping the SST UK limited edition of GWENDY’S FINAL TASK (an entire pallet of them!), soon to be followed by Robert McCammon’s latest Matthew Corbett novel and Bentley Little’s THE STORE, both from Lividian Press.

Our production staff just approved the first finished copies of Bentley Little’s THE SUMMONING and Paul Tremblay’s DISAPPEARANCE AT DEVIL’S ROCK, a pair of brand new entries in Cemetery Dance’s Graveyard Series. Shipping should begin sometime later this month. We also recently approved the stamping dies and dustjacket proof for Anne Rice’s INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, so this classic limited edition should be ready to ship (not including the slipcased copies) by mid-February.

Other Cemetery Dance books currently at the printer in various stages of production include CARETAKERS (Tabitha King), DMV (Bentley Little), A FACE IN THE CROWD/THE LONGEST DECEMBER (Stephen King & Stewart O’Nan/Richard Chizmar), and STEPHEN KING REVISITED – just to mention a few. These titles will hopefully be ready to go in March and April. We plan to spend most of the Spring and Summer catching up on overdue titles from our hardcover list. THE STAND (Stephen King) will see print during the Fall, and the final book in the Doubleday Series, PET SEMATARY will be announced later this year.

Issue #78 of CEMETERY DANCE magazine is at the printer and should ship during the second half of February. It’s been a long dry spell for the magazine, but we’re determined to change that in 2023 with a brand new staff (look for an announcement soon) in place and several new issues planned.

The Cemetery Dance paperback imprint is going full blazes. The current line-up is an embarrassment of literary riches. Recent titles in stock and shipping include DEVIL’S CREEK (Todd Keisling), EVERY HOUSE IS HAUNTED (Ian Rogers), DISMEMBERED (Jonathan Janz), SALLOW BEND (Alan Baxter), HOLY GHOST ROAD (John Mantooth), and SOMETHING STIRS (Thomas Smith). Next up is Philip Fracassi’s much anticipated GOTHIC.

Hey, before I forget…as always, if you’ve pre-ordered a book from Cemetery Dance and grow tired of waiting, please feel free to email and request a refund. Mindy or Dan will take good care of you.

Our slipcase manufacturer is busy working on custom slipcases for THE GWENDY TRILOGY and BILLY SUMMERS, as well as several other Stephen King titles. In addition, both of our traycase makers are overloaded with Cemetery Dance projects, including the traycases for the lettered editions of THE SCREAM FACTORY, USHER’S PASSING, NIGHT SHIFT, INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, and FLIGHT OR FRIGHT. Cases are also in the queue for the limited and lettered editions of GWENDY’S FINAL TASK. All of these titles will see print this year.

Keep an eye out for future production updates on the Cemetery Dance website. I’m old and forgetful and tend to get things wrong from time to time. Mindy, Dan, Kevin, Billy, and Megan are much younger and smarter.

As Cemetery Dance enters our 35th year of publishing, we remain extremely grateful for all of your support and enthusiasm. I’ve said it many times over the years, and I couldn’t mean it any more than I do today – Cemetery Dance readers are the absolute best.

Trade and Limited Editions:

Custom Slipcase for Later (trade paperback):
In-stock and shipping!

The Best of Shivers edited by Richard Chizmar:
Proofreading has been completed for this title, and there is now only one more author who needs to sign the signature sheets and then this one will be ready for the printer. This author has had the signature sheets for close to two years now. We're encouraging him to just return them, signed or unsigned. We will post an update when they are returned.

Caretakers by Tabitha King:
The signature sheets are in, and this book is at the printer.

Dark Debts by Karen Hall:
Work has started on this title, but we are still waiting on the introduction from Stephen King, so we're unable to estimate the publication date at this time. We will post an update as soon as we know more. You can now see the final cover artwork on the product page.

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn:
The book is in production and the book has started the final round of proofreading. We are working with the author to schedule the signing of the signature sheets.

Dark Screams edited by Richard Chizmar and Brian James Freeman:
This book is now ready for the printer.

Dissonant Harmonies by Brian Keene and Bev Vincent:
This exclusive CDCC 11 project is almost ready for the printer.

A Face in the Crowd and The Longest December by Stephen King, Stewart O'Nan, and Richard Chizmar:
This title is forthcoming, early 2023.

Four Shadows (Cemetery Dance Exclusive Collectors Set #3):
The third book for the Cemetery Dance Collectors Set #3 has been changed because the author for the book we wanted to use hasn't been able to finish the manuscript, and we want to keep the set moving. Luckily, we had another book coming along on our list that was meant to be used in some kind of deal or promotion (we hadn't decided what yet) and we were able to slide it over to be the 3rd book in this set. The new book includes four novellas by five terrific authors (one of the novellas is a collaboration) and all of the authors are signing the signature sheets.

Four Halloweens 2
The signature sheets are now signed, and this one is now ready for the printer!

Flight or Fright edited by Stephen King and Bev Vincent (ARTIST EDITION)
We're very pleased to report only one more person needs to sign the signature sheets! We're still working on getting those into his busy schedule, but we will post an update when they are done! (And yes, we could skip this person, but collectors seem to really, really like when he signs their books, so we'd rather not.)

Previous Update: We can now share some production news on the Gift Edition and Lettered Edition for the collectors who selected those editions, which will see print next year for reasons that will become apparent with this update: We're upgrading the book's design to TWO COLOR interior printing on a larger trim size, which wasn't promised originally. We're also thrilled to report that while we originally planned on six or seven exclusive illustrations from Cortney Skinner that won't appear in the trade hardcover edition, he's been working day and night to deliver 17 (!) pieces of artwork instead, one for each story! Also, as we have mentioned before, the Lettered Edition will be housed in a custom-made box unlike anything we've ever produced for ANY book ever before. In fact, it's been a very long time since any publisher has attempted this style of case for a Stephen King book. We'll let you know how things work out!

The Girl Who Builds Monsters by Brian James Freeman and Vincent Chong:
The trade hardcover of this book was published last September. The signed editions will be printed in 2022.

Gwendy's Final Task Limited and Lettered Edition, by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar:
In pre-production and looking to a 2023 publication.

Gwendy Trilogy Matched Collectors Set In Custom Slipcase
These are the dust jackets for this matching set, and work on the slipcases began this month!

Halloween Carnival edited by Brian James Freeman (Cemetery Dance Exclusive Collectors Set #3):
This book has turned into a whopper at 536 oversized pages, but it is now ready to be sent to the printer.

Husks by Glen Krisch (Cemetery Dance Collectors Club 10):
Proofreading for this title is now completed.

In Sunlight and in Shadow edited by Lawrence Block:
We're very pleased to report the signature sheets have been signed, and this book is now ready for the printer.

Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice:
The signature sheets are in, and this book is at the priner.

Intro to Alien Invasion by Owen King and Mark Jude Poirier:
Everything is ready for this one now that the signature sheets are done.

Killer Crimes edited by Richard Chizmar and Brian James Freeman (Cemetery Dance Exclusive Collectors Set #3):
This book is now ready for the printer.

Mr. Darkness by Douglas Clegg:
We're awaiting the next update from Douglas Clegg on this project, but if you're tired of waiting, please contact our office and we'd be happy to cancel your order for you. There is no ETA on a finished manuscript at this time, unfortunately.

Seasons of Terror edited by Richard Chizmar:
All of the artwork and lettering is done, and everything is being proofread now. Simon and Schuster is waiting for some minor art revisions to one story and then they will schedule their edition, which will allow us to schedule our edition. 2022 is looking very likely.

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn:
The book is in production, the signature sheets have been signed, and the book has started the final round of proofreading.

Shivers VIII edited by Richard Chizmar (Limited Edition)
This book is now ready for the printer.

Shocklines: Fresh Voices In Terror edited by Richard Chizmar & Matt Schwartz:
This book is now ready for the printer.

The Stand by Stephen King:
Although not "officially" announced yet, we know there are just a ton of collectors and readers who want to know more about this project, so we're adding it to the Production Updates page to make it easier to share information. Sorry we didn't think to do this sooner.


The artwork is in! Due to the absolutely monolithic size of the book (think of our edition of IT for reference), we are pleased to announce that we managed to bring in a trio of artists onto the project--Ned Dameron, Francois Vaillancourt, and Glenn Chadbourne!

The printing and slipcase process isn't going to be fast, unfortunately. Both industries are having some bad supply chain problems this year, especially for the more unique materials, but even for some common stocks, too. (Our slipcase maker is telling us to expect "regular" slipcase orders to take up to 16 weeks now. And we sent a different book to the printer back on August 1 in the hopes that it be done for a February publication date.)

The plan is to make the official "public" announcement of The Stand and sell the remaining preorders after the book is rolling at the printer for a while. But to give you an idea of the size, here is a photo of the stack of proofreading pages:

Stephen King Revisited:

All of the essays have been completed, so this one just needs a final round of proofreading.

Suffer the Children by John Saul:
The book is in the proofreading stage.

10/31: The Butcher's Story by Norman Partridge (Four Days of Halloween promotion, formally called Oktober Shadows):
We're awaiting the next update from Norman Partridge on this project, but if you're tired of waiting, please contact our office and we'd be happy to cancel your order for you. There is no ETA on a finished manuscript at this time, unfortunately.

Tomorrow's Journal by Dominick Cancilla:
The Limited Edition is in production now.

Turn Down the Lights edited by Richard Chizmar -- Signed Special Edition:
Everything is now ready, and this book will be sent to the printer as soon as possible.

Waiting by Rick Hautala (Cemetery Dance Book Club #4):
The artwork is in progress, the signature sheets have been signed, and the book is completely proofread.

We're All In This Together by Owen King:
This title is now completely ready for the printer.

Other Books:

Cemetery Dance Select Series:
The launch titles for Cemetery Dance Select Series will be sent to the printer together, so they can be published and shipped together.

Cemetery Dance Magazine Hardcovers:
The Cemetery Dance magazine hardcovers have been in a holding pattern while we searched for a new printer who could produce this trim size with our preferred binding style (to keep them all looking the same), but we're pleased to report we've found a printer and they're printing some samples for us now. If all goes well, we'll have FIVE issues of the magazine out in hardcover at the same time.

Books From Other Publishers, Custom Slipcases, and related items:

Custom Slipcase for Billy Summers (trade hardcover):
We expect this to be ready in 2023.

Custom Slipcase for the Gwendy Trilogy:
We expect this to be ready in 2023.

Custom Slipcase for Fairy Tale:
We expect this to be ready in 2023.

Lettered Editions

Night Shift:
The binder for the book has ordered his materials. Once the books are completed, he'll begin making the special cases that we only use for the Doubleday Years Lettered Editions. We'll post a schedule when he has given us a better feel for how long everything should take! Here is a photo of the prototype book to give you an idea of what the finished production will look like:

Traycases In Production:
Southern Reach, Strange Weather, The Illustrated Stephen King Movie Trivia, Chills, Lost and Lonely, The Best of the Scream Factory, The Exorcist for the 21st Century, Usher's Passing

Thank you for your patience!