Shivers VIII (eBook)

Shivers VIII (eBook)

  • Editor: Richard Chizmar
  • Page Count: 488 pages
  • Pub. Date: July 2, 2019
  • Status: E-Book

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Featuring Stephen King, Bentley Little, Ray Garton, Tananarive Due, Laird Barron, Jack Ketchum, Kealan Patrick Burke, Lisa Morton, Brian James Freeman, Alan Peter Ryan, Adam-Troy Castro, Bev Vincent, Keith Minnion, Norman Prentiss, and more than a dozen other authors!

Shivers VIII
edited by Richard Chizmar

About the Book:
Cemetery Dance Publications is proud to announce the eighth entry in this award-nominated and best-selling anthology series! In addition to the affordable trade paperback edition for general readers, this volume will also be published as a signed Limited Edition hardcover and a signed and traycased Lettered Edition hardcover, both of which will signed by the editor for the collectors!

Shivers VIII contains chilling fiction from many of today's most popular authors of horror and suspense including Stephen King, Bentley Little, Tananarive Due, Ray Garton, Laird Barron, Jack Ketchum, Kealan Patrick Burke, David Niall Wilson, Brian James Freeman, Alan Peter Ryan, Adam-Troy Castro, Bev Vincent, Keith Minnion, Norman Prentiss, and more than a dozen other authors!

Of special note to collectors: this special anthology will include "Squad D" by Stephen King, which was originally written in the 1970s for a famous anthology that was never published, and the story itself has been locked away in Stephen King's office ever since. Now, for the first time ever, the world can read King's chilling take on the ghostly, lingering horror of the Vietnam War.

Featuring original dark fiction with a handful of rare reprints, Shivers VIII is available only from Cemetery Dance Publications.

Table of Contents:
"Squad D" by Stephen King
"Summer" by Tananarive Due
"Gamma" by Laird Barron
"Hoarder" by Kealan Patrick Burke
"The Shrieking Woman" by Bev Vincent
"A God Unknown" by Tina Callaghan
"Transfiguration" by RC Matheson
"The Blue Cat" by Keith Minnion
"Gorilla in my Room" by Jack Ketchum
"The Chair" by Bentley Little
"Eyes Like Poisoned Wells" by Ian Rogers
"Above the Buried City" by Daniel Braum
"Open Wound" by Darrell Speegle
"Spice" by David Gerrold
"Dearly Beloved" by Bruce McAllister
"Ms. Wysle and the Licorice Man" by Shane Nelson
"The Hour In Between" by Adam-Troy Castro
"Always and Forever" by Greg Kishbaugh
"Autophagy" by Ray Garton
"Sexual Exploration Is a Crime" by Alan Peter Ryan
"Lucien's Tale" by David Niall Wilson
"The Carbon Dreamer" by Jack Dann
"Red Earth" by Blu Gilliand
"A House for the Wee Ones" by Michael M. Hughes
"The Gorgon" by Lisa Morton
"The Dungeon of Count Verlock" Norman Prentiss
"Mama's Sleeping" by Brian James Freeman

Richard ChizmarRichard Chizmar is the founder and publisher/editor of Cemetery Dance magazine and the Cemetery Dance Publications book imprint. He has edited more than a dozen anthologies, including The Best of Cemetery Dance, The Earth Strikes Back, Night Visions 10, October Dreams (with Robert Morrish), and the Shivers series. Chizmar's fiction has appeared in dozens of publications, including Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine and The Year's 25 Finest Crime and Mystery Stories. He has won two World Fantasy Awards, four International Horror Guild Awards, and the HWA's Board of Trustees Award. Chizmar has appeared at numerous conferences as a writing instructor, guest speaker, panelist, and guest of honor.