Six Days, by Kelli Owen

Six Days, by Kelli Owen HOT

  • Author: Kelli Owen
  • Artist: Kealan Patrick Burke
  • Pub. Date: July 2023
  • ISBN: 978-1-58767-898-1
  • Status: In-Stock




About the Book:

Jenny Schultz wakes trapped in a pitch-black basement with no recollection of how she got there. With no outside stimuli, Jenny naturally turns inward and revisits her guilt-ridden past, desperate to figure out which wronged person would be angry enough, evil enough, to do this to her.

She must survive her own demons, and then time itself when she finds remnants of previous captives--a plate, a tooth, a bone. Scratched hashmarks in the stone walls around her, leave her to wonder what happens next.

What happens after six days?

Published as a trade paperback:
• Printed on 60# acid-free paper
• Featuring full color cover artwork
• Retail price $16.99

Kelli Owen is an American author, editor, reviewer, podcaster, and indie film producer, who has spoken at the CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA regarding both her writing and the field in general. While her nonfiction has appeared in various places—including the Bram Stoker Award-winner It's Alive: Bringing Your Nightmares to Life—she is primarily known for her fiction.

As a member of both the Horror Writers Association and the International Thriller Writers, she has published over a dozen books, including THE HEADLESS BOY, TEETH, and WILTED LILY (a YA series). Her short fiction has appeared alongside Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Robert McCammon, F. Paul Wilson, and Josh Malerman, among others, and was in both Bram Stoker Award-nominated anthologies Arterial Bloom (2020) and Lost Highways: Dark Fictions from the Road (2018).

A logophile from a young age, Kelli spent a decade as a reviewer and editor, while running a large genre website, before returning to her roots behind the keyboard. Born and raised in Wisconsin, she now lives in the dark woods of Pennsylvania. For more information, please visit her website at

"Kelli Owen has pulled off a kind of dark magic with this book... She's made us care deeply about a flawed character completely alone in the dark, a scary one-character play peopled with everyone she's close to...which is no mean feat for any magician. And the ending packs a hell of a wallop."  ~ Jack Ketchum, author

 "This is one HELL of macabre, psychological mystery. One of the most suspenseful books I've read in long time, and a stellar debut." ~ Edward Lee, author

"...serves to create a claustrophobic cocktail of unease and uncertainty. In today's world of omnipotent narrators and worn out horror clichés, it's refreshing in a very Chianti and fava beans sort of way. Owen has set the bar very high with her debut novel, a bar I have no doubt she will be able to surpass. Her blend of human observations, horror sensibilities, and gifted prose portend great things for her in the future." ~ The Word Zombie