Cemetery Dance Secret Stephen King Bundle!

Cemetery Dance Secret Stephen King Bundle!

  • Status: Out of Print


This item is Out of Print and will not be available for purchase again.

Stephen King Super Bundle -- INVITATION ONLY!

Please Note: Because of the extremely limited nature of this offer, only members of the CDCC may purchase this item. Please do NOT share the link or details elsewhere. If you "found" this page and you aren't in the CDCC, please do NOT order.

We did some digging in our warehouse and we've put together a brand new Stephen King Super Bundle for $249 plus shipping!

In this bundle, you will receive each of the following items:

* Out of Print LIMITED EDITION by Stephen King from another publisher. Please note that these are NOT signed by Stephen King.

* A review copy for a forthcoming book ABOUT the works of Stephen King that we think our collectors are going to love!

* And finally, we had an idea for a promotional item for a Stephen King book, and the prototype order required a minimum run. We haven't placed the "big order" for this item yet, so we're going to give away the ones we DID have made as part of this prototype run.