Surf's Up (eBook)

Surf's Up (eBook)

  • Author: Kevin Quigley
  • Page Count: 30
  • Pub. Date: June 13, 2012
  • Status: E-Book

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Surf's Up
by Kevin Quigley

About the eBook:
Kevin Quigley’s new collection of poetry examines the dark crossroads where love and terror intersect.  Otherworldly horrors pervade in "Fissure" and "Men With Tails" as maniac narrators hold court in "Meat Dumpster," "Scum Grinder," and "Exodus."  Brutality lies at the center of "Slop Hovel" and "Pulling Teeth," while other kinds of pain comprise the wistful sketches "The Last Phone Booth in L.A." and "Thyme."  The whimsy of "Danish Nation" and "Christine Again" can only hold the brightness for so long before the depths of human depravity in "Turpentine." 
As in his previous book of poems, Foggy at Night in the City, Quigley channels his mordant obsessions – dark romance, psychosis, destruction, and Los Angeles – into incisive, often chilling poetry and verse.  Surf’s Up dives in deeper, and finds only darkness beneath the waves. 

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Kevin Quigley is a novelist, critic, and blogger. He has written several chapbooks about Stephen King for Cemetery Dance, including "Chart of Darkness," "Drawn Into Darkness," "Blood In Your Ears," "Ink In the Veins," and "Wetware," as well as the upcoming A Good Story and Good Words: The Many Worlds of Stephen King. In addition, he writes reviews for the horror megasite and blogs about Disneyland and Walt Disney World for He lives in Boston, Massachusetts with his partner, Shawn.

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