End of 2017 Grab Bag Featuring TEN BOOKS Each!

End of 2017 Grab Bag Featuring TEN BOOKS Each!

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Cemetery Dance End of 2017 GRAB BAG!
TEN Great Books for Collectors Who Enjoy Huge Savings!

We need to make some room in the warehouse for our upcoming releases, so we're going to put together one of our BIGGEST GRAB BAGS EVER! We don't say that lightly because we've done some HUGE Grab Bags in the past, but this one might be the very best one of all-time!

You will receive TEN BOOKS FROM THE CEMETERY DANCE WAREHOUSE in this Grab Bag and we're using a little bit of EVERYTHING from EVERYWHERE to give us room to reorganize for 2018. This includes Signed Limited Editions, Deluxe Lettered Editions, Trade Hardcovers, Signed Trade Hardcovers, Trade Paperbacks, Signed Trade Paperbacks, books from Other Publishers including Limited Editions, slightly dinged books, and even some very rare Advance Review Copies! (Not everyone will receive all of these different types of books, this is just a list of the shelves we'll be pulling stock from.)

Each Grab Bag includes TEN books for the low price of just $99 per Grab Bag, which means you're only paying $9.99 per book, which is a steal when you consider the retail prices!

(We also have some other items like chapbooks, magazines, and t-shirts that we'll be tossing in a few random Grab Bags as a BONUS ITEMS! These do not count as one of your ten books, of course, they are just extra bonus items for fun!)

Because of the size of these Grab Bags and due to our busy schedule for the next two months, we'll be squeezing these Grab Bags in around other projects and they may take eight to ten weeks to ship. The good news is, that means we might even be able to use some brand new releases from other publishers here and there!

Please Note: Shipping is charged on each Grab Bag you order. You may receive books you've already ordered from us, we do not look at your account when we're shipping Grab Bags. It's the luck of the draw. If you order multiple Grab Bags on the same order, we will do our very best to prevent duplicate items in the shipment. Multiple Grab Bags across different orders will result in duplicate items.