The Long Way Home (Special Edition Trade Paperback)

The Long Way Home (Special Edition Trade Paperback)

  • Author: Richard Chizmar
  • Artist: François Vaillancourt
  • Page Count: 504
  • Pub. Date: August 1, 2019
  • ISBN: 978-1-58767-715-1
  • Status: In-Stock

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The Long Way Home
by Richard Chizmar
Trade Paperback Special Edition:
First US Printing Includes Deckled Edges and French Flaps!

Important Note for Collectors:
The first 1,000 copies of this trade paperback edition will have deckled edges and "French Flaps," two special production features we've never offered on any title before. After these copies are gone, the second printing and beyond will use a more traditional look and feel.

About the Book:
Gathered here for the first time ever are seventeen short stories, two essays, and a short script by award-winning and New York Times bestselling author, Richard Chizmar.

Eerie, suspenseful, poignant, the stories in The Long Way Home run the gamut from horror to suspense, crime to dark fantasy, mainstream to mystery. This brand new collection features more than 100,000 words of short fiction, as well as more than 5,000 words of autobiographical Story Notes.

Chizmar's previous short story collection, A Long December, was published in 2016 to starred reviews from Library Journal and Kirkus, and was included on numerous "Best Books of the Year" lists. Entertainment Weekly gave the book high praise: "Each tale is a magic trick, luring you toward the light while leading you down an ever-darkening path. There is hope mingled with horror, and that's Chizmar's secret power. His storytelling always beats with a huge, passionate heart."

Stephen King says he writes "terrific stories served with a very large slice of Disquiet Pie," and with The Long Way Home, Richard Chizmar has taken his evocative and compelling storytelling to an entirely new level.

Table of Contents:
• The Man Behind the Mask
• The Bad Guys
• The Meek Shall Inherit…
• Silent Night
• Widow’s Point
• My Father and Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine
• The Witch
• A Nightmare on Elm Lane
• Dirty Coppers
• Mischief
• The Man in the Black Sweater
• Odd Numbers
• The Hunch
• Roses and Raindrops
• Stephen King at 70: A Tribute to the Gunslinger
• The Association
• The Sculptor
• Murder House script
• The Custer Files
• The Long Way Home
• Story Notes