The Other End

The Other End

  • Author: John Shirley
  • Page Count: 300
  • Pub. Date: May 2007
  • ISBN: 1-58767-150-6
  • Status: Out of Print

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"As John's first teacher I've been waiting a long time for him to reach his full amazing potential. With this book he breaks the tape."
— Harlan Ellison

The Other End
by John Shirley

About the Book:
Do you ever think that the human world is hopelessly out of balance, blighted, off track, and the only hope is some kind of apocalypse, some sort of end of the world that would allow the human race a new beginning, a fresh start without...ah...certain people?

You know you don't wantand can't believe in the usual "End Times" scenarios that are predicted and ballyhooed by hysterical, superstitious people.

But when you look around at the world as it stands you see Darfur, you see Somalia and the Congo, you see the modern slavery of indentured servitude, you see children sold into prostitution, you see millions starving, you see mindless wars, you see people you care about dying of Alzheimer's and children dying of cancer and millions of others trapped in schizophrenia or living lives of media-hypnotized desperation...

You see a planet beset by a loss of biodiversity, a depleted ozone layer, slash-and-burn destruction of rainforests, and the onset of global warming...

And you know that because the population of the Earth is increasing, it's only going to get worse. This can't go on; something has to change.

What if you could change it? What if you could design your own Judgment Day?

What if there were another end rather than one based on childish interpretations of religion, bias, bigotry, exclusion, and cultural narrowness?

What if Judgment Day came for the whole world and offered true justice?

It would be THE OTHER END.

"Veteran horror writer Shirley (Cellars) swaps gory for glory in this inventive if politically heavy-handed left-wing answer to Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins's evangelical Left Behind series. Child slavers, genocidal soldiers and corrupt statesmen have fourth-dimensional visions and abandon their wicked ways in the first part of the novel, narrated by Sacramento Bee reporter Jim Swift and his conspiracy-nut friend, Ed Galivant, in a style oddly reminiscent of C.M. Kornbluth's 'The Silly Season.' Readers of all persuasions will relish the repentance of these universally acknowledged bad guys..."
Publishers Weekly

"...the novel is perfectly toned to express the message the author was hoping to achieve. John Shirley always has something important to say and this might be the most perfectly balanced work of fiction and message he has ever produced."
Apex Online

John Shirley is the author of many novels and numerous short stories. As a screenwriter he is best known for The Crow. He has won both awards and disdain for his work. He's been called an outsider artist, a visionary, a gonzo surrealist, a "bad boy" of science fiction, the postmodern Poe, and a genre outlaw, Shirley's writing is often noted for as being edgy, risky, and bold...and now he's written this shocking polemic: The Other Enda novel that offers a phenomenology, an outrageously definitive and paradigm-shattering metaphysic, an inexorable transfiguration that is more terrifyingly believable, than anyone has heretofore imagined.

Published in two states:
• Limited Edition of 1000 signed copies ($40)
• Traycased Lettered Edition of 26 signed and lettered copies bound in leather with a satin ribbon page marker ($175)