Water Baby (eBook)

Water Baby (eBook)

  • Author: Patricia Wallace
  • Page Count: 301 pages (estimated)
  • Pub. Date: December 2, 2014
  • Status: E-Book

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Water Baby
by Patricia Wallace

About the eBook:
Seven-year-old Kelly had always loved to romp in the surf of California's endless summer. Then tragedy struck—a sailboat accident which took the lives of her parents and her sister Melissa. Now Kelly felt drawn to the sea for a different reason. She knew her sister wasn't really gone. Not as long as she could still hear Melissa calling to her at the ocean's edge—and see her face where the sun glinted off the water...

Brooke Hutchinson worried about the young niece who had been put into her care. Kelly's strangeness since the tragedy had made her the victim of her schoolmates' cruelty. She seemed to spend more and more time simply staring out to the sea. Then the accidents began, a series of gruesome, water-related deaths. And Brooke realized with a chill of horror that someone was looking after Kelly—all too well...

Patricia Wallace is the author of many novels including Thrill, Monday's Child, The Children's Ward, Water Baby, Lullabye, See No Evil, Twice Blessed, Only Child, The Taint, Traces, and Fatal Outcome.

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