Mr. Darkness

Mr. Darkness

  • Author: Douglas Clegg
  • Artist: Glenn Chadbourne
  • Pub. Date: Forthcoming
  • ISBN: 978-1-58767-127-2
  • Status: Out of Print

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Cemetery Dance Signature SeriesMr. Darkness (Cemetery Dance Signature Series)
by Douglas Clegg

Featured Artist: Glenn Chadbourne

About the Book:
Mina and her brother Leo live with their ailing father beneath the Excelsior Hotel on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, down in a bunker near the subway tunnels. To survive, they rob from the rich and give to the poor — themselves. One winter's day, on a foray through the subway platforms to find a "Sherwood" for their Robin Hood game, Mina meets the mysterious man she calls Mr. Darkness.
He lives far beneath Manhattan's subway, in an area of absolute wonder — and terror — called Deep City. And she finds herself drawn to him, and to the well-like entrance of a forbidden underworld populated by creatures unseen in the light.

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Douglas CleggDouglas Clegg is the New York Times bestselling author of The Priest of Blood, Afterlife, Nightmare House, and The Hour Before Dark, among other novels. His recent short story collection, The Machinery of Night, won a Shocker Award; and his first collection, The Nightmare Chronicles, won both the Bram Stoker Award and the International Horror Guild Award.

Clegg was born in Virginia and raised in Hawaii, Connecticut and Virginia. He has been writing fiction since childhood, but only pursued publication of it beginning in his late twenties. He has primarily written supernatural fiction -- from horror to fantasy to psychological suspense with a paranormal edge. His fiction-writing career currently spans about 20 years of constant writing and publication. Additionally, he's been Director of Marketing for a publisher, editor for a bookstore's website, a marketing consultant for publishers, publicity firms, and booksellers -- and a wrangler for the cats, dogs and rabbits that have occupied his home. He has also co-authored the book Buzz Your Book with M.J. Rose. The two have also written a screenplay together. So far, these are Clegg's only collaborations.

In 1999, Douglas Clegg launched the internet's (and world's) first publisher-sponsored e-serial novel. Called Naomi, Clegg later went on to sell both hardcover and paperback rights. In 2000, his short novel Purity became one of the most-downloaded fiction ebooks on the internet -- reaching more than 100,000 readers in its first year on the internet. In 2001, Purity became the world's-first fiction to appear on a cell phone -- and was nicknamed an M-Book at the time (for Mobile).

Clegg lives with his partner, Raul, in New England, with a small menagerie of rescued animals.


Published in two states:
• Hardcover Limited Edition of 550 signed and numbered copies bound in full-cloth and Smyth sewn with illustrated endpapers ($35)
• Traycased Hardcover Lettered Edition of 26 signed and lettered copies bound in leather and Smyth sewn with illustrated endpapers and a satin ribbon page marker ($175)

The author is working on the manuscript, and Glenn Chadbourne is also working on some of the artwork. Visit our official production update page for the latest news and updates about this and our other forthcoming projects.

Sample of the Interior Artwork by Glenn Chadbourne:
Interior Artwork