Dancing With Tombstones, by Michael Aronovitz (ebook)

Dancing With Tombstones, by Michael Aronovitz (ebook)

  • Author: Michael Aronovitz
  • Artist: Lynne Hansen
  • Page Count: 362
  • Pub. Date: February 2022
  • Status: E-Book


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Dancing with Tombstones
by Michael Aronovitz

About the Book:
This new book from critically acclaimed genre author Michael Aronovitz collects some of his greatest stories that celebrate the beauty of the darkness in the world.

  • In the section titled GIRLS, you'll learn "How Bria Died," and will also meet "The Sculptor" in the story that inspired Aronovitz's full-length serial killer novel of the same name.
  • In the section featuring PSYCHOS, you'll feel the chill of the Anti-Christ in "Quest for Sadness," and fall prey to the most frightening circus creature on the face of the earth in "The Exterminator."
  • In TOOLS & TECH, you'll find out the dark secret of "The Tool Shed," and will also experience the full-length ghost-novella, "Toll Booth."
  • And finally, in MARTYRS & SACRIFICIAL LAMBS you'll experience hell on earth in "The Echo," and unwittingly release the darkest force of the forest in "The Falcon."
With Dancing with Tombstones, the author of Alice Walks and The Sculptor deliciously thrusts us down the twisted avenues deep inside the haunt of our most secret repressions.

"Aronovitz loves to make you suffer...through his honed knives of words and handy power tools of plotting structure. You will love it too. Eventually. Once you get past the terror of it all." - Horrorzine

"Mark Aronovitz’s writing quality is stellar, and this is certainly a book to be enjoyed again and again." - The Forgotton Fiction

Michael Aronovitz is a college professor, rock critic, and author of dark fiction. His published novels include Alice Walks, The Witch of the Wood, Phantom Effect, and The Sculptor (January 2021), his collections – Seven Deadly Pleasures and The Voices in Our Heads. Aronovitz has published more than fifty short stories, and has appeared in magazines and anthologies such as Weird Tales, Searchers After Horror, and Apostles of the Weird. His short story titled “How Bria Died” was featured in The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror, 2011, Prime Books, and currently, Aronovitz has much of the above-mentioned workbeing translated into German and re-released by Firma Edition Barenklau. Michael Aronovitz lives with his wife and son in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania