Life in a Haunted House: Special Edition, by Norman Prentiss

Life in a Haunted House: Special Edition, by Norman Prentiss

  • Author: Norman Prentiss
  • Artist: Lynne Hansen
  • Page Count: 342
  • Pub. Date: 2024
  • ISBN: 978-1-58767-871-4
  • Status: Preorder




About the Book:

Brendan has always been fascinated by the low-budget horror films of Bud Preston. Imagine his surprise when he moves to a new town and discovers a high school classmate is the daughter of his favorite director. Melissa Preston’s home contains exciting secrets about such strange films as THE STONE STAIRWAY and THE DUNGEON OF COUNT VERLOCK. But Brendan’s film-fan obsessions threaten to undermine his new friendship...before he can truly understand what it means to spend LIFE IN A HAUNTED HOUSE.

For the first time, this special edition collects the full novel and all four tie-in novelettes that retell the stories of four of Bud Preston's cult-classic films:

- What strange ritual will summon THE LAKE MONSTER?
- What warning signs signal an invasion by THE SPACE VISITOR?
- Who will solve the horror-noir mystery of THE TWISTED FACE?

Each of the tie-in stories are accompanied by Lynne Hansen's recreations of the magazine covers where they originally appeared.

Published as a trade paperback:
• Printed on 60# acid-free paper
• Featuring full color cover artwork
• Retail price $20.00

NORMAN PRENTISS is the author of Odd Adventures With Your Other Father and Life In a Haunted House, and he won the 2010 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Long Fiction for Invisible Fences, also published by Cemetery Dance Publications. He also won a 2009 Stoker for his short story, “In the Porches of My Ears,” published in Postscripts 18. Other publications include The Book of Baby Names, The Fleshless Man, Four Legs in the Morning, The Halloween Children (written with Brian James Freeman), and The Narrator (written with Michael McBride). His website is:

"Prentiss’s understated style works excellently for the subject matter—there’s a creeping menace under many of his stories that worms its way beneath the reader’s skin before it can even be noticed." - Publisher's Weekly

"The monsters at the heart of Norman Prentiss's disquieting, deceptively hushed fiction are overheard conversations, misunderstood gestures, the things both partners in a relationship have agreed never to say. At least until those things sprout teeth, fur, the ability to curse, and turn into even more terrifying monsters." - Glen Hirshberg, author of Infinity Dreams and the Motherless Children trilogy.

"I've never forgotten a Norman Prentiss story. He builds his nightmares gently, word by word, sentence by sentence, working his way into your subconscious so that you are never sure again if it happened to you, or you dreamt it, or it was a Prentiss story." - Kaaron Warren, Award-Winning author of Through Splintered Walls, The Grinding House, and Dead Sea Fruit.