Infinity Dreams

Infinity Dreams

  • Author: Glen Hirshberg
  • Page Count: 250
  • Pub. Date: December 21, 2021
  • ISBN: 978-1-58767-811-0
  • Status: In-Stock and Shipping!

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"Glen Hirshberg is one of the best the horror genre has to offer. His Bradbury-haunted prose is elegant, sophisticated, and always utterly chilling. Read his work, and thank me later."
— Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling author

Infinity Dreams
by Glen Hirshberg

Coming this December in trade paperback and eBook formats!

About the Book:
There are people who collect coins, baseball cards, flashlights. They trade and sell them at conventions, flea markets, antique malls.

Those are not the people Nadine and Normal (a.k.a. The Collector) serve, and those places are not where you’ll find them.

Their quests have led them to decidedly less familiar characters and locales: 

  • A music obsessive who gives a little more than fandom—and takes a little more than music—from the artists he loves.
  • A bouquiniste stall along the Left Bank of the Seine that has remained locked—for good reason—for 150 years.
  • A box full of View-Master reels showing tiny photographs of places—some of which don’t exist. 
  • A former Nazi-in-training, haunted—to the point of life-crippling paralysis—by a taste.

But now, Nadine lives sequestered in the Northern California woods, caring for the Collector, who has slid into early-onset dementia. One day, against her better judgment, she accepts an interview request from a young journalist. Who might not be a journalist. He has come for their stories.

Or maybe for something else.

Meanwhile, down the coast, in the cities, a wildness has gotten loose, and the world is tilting out of true, and the boundaries between reality and dream are not just blurring but melting.

But is that for better or worse? And who gets to say?

Welcome to Infinity Dreams, a novel-in-stories about dreaming your life, and living in dreams, and the permeable limbo we insist on calling reality.

Published as a trade paperback:
• Printed on 60# acid-free paper
• Featuring full color cover artwork
• Retail price $16.00

"The latest miracle from the master of supernatural suspense, where the grace of the prose is so measured and the charm of the characters so magical that it takes some time to notice that the stiletto of dread has already slid between your ribs."
— Peter Atkins, author of the novels Morningstar, Big Thunder, and Moontown, and the screenplays Hellraiser II, Hellraiser III, Hellraiser IV, and Wishmaster

"Hirshberg knows all the pressure points of the human soul. With a poet’s prose and a storyteller’s keen eye for detail, he tells a heartfelt and heartbreaking story about the way we find the most precious things in life, and the way we lose them, no matter how tightly we try to hang on."
— Ian Rogers, author of Every House is Haunted

“Glen Hirshberg asks what is lost to humanity when imagination is left to be exploited by  those more interested in destruction than creation, and what will become of what remains. Infinity Dreams is a puzzle of sorts, a quest, an unraveling, a love story, a warning. A beautifully written talisman to be treasured.”  
— Mary Rickert, author of The Shipbuilder of Bellfairie and You Have Never Been Here

"Glen Hirshberg is one of the best the horror genre has to offer. His Bradbury-haunted prose is elegant, sophisticated, and always utterly chilling. Read his work, and thank me later."
— Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling author of Road of Bones, Ararat, Snowblind, and Red Hands

"His fiction is marked by clarity, depth and a restraint and subtlety that make the horror and the wonder seem absolutely possible."
— Jeffrey Ford

"If there is anyone in contemporary fiction worth watching, it is Glen Hirshberg."
— Dennis Etchison

"Glen Hirshberg’s ghost stories are among the finest tales published over the past decade."
— Jack Cady

Three-time International Horror Guild Award Winner Glen Hirshberg’s novels include The Snowman’s ChildrenThe Book of BunkMotherless ChildGood Girls, and Nothing to Devour. Hirshberg is also the author of four widely praised story collections: The Two Sams (a Publishers’ Weekly Best Book of 2003), American Morons, The Janus Tree, and The Ones Who Are Waving. Hirshberg is a five-time World Fantasy Award finalist, and In 2008, he won the Shirley Jackson Award for the novelette, “The Janus Tree.” With Peter Atkins and Dennis Etchison, he co-founded the Rolling Darkness Revue, an annual reading/live music/performance event that tours the west coast of the United States every fall and has also made international appearances.

Glen has also taught creative writing for more than two decades, inaugurating a signature program for high school students at Campbell Hall in Studio City, and helping to launch the MFA program at Cal State San Bernardino, where he served as a Fiction Professor. At CSUSB, he founded the CREW project, through which he trains some of his top students every year and then sends them out into the surrounding community to run intensive, months-long creative writing workshops each spring at schools that offer few creative outlets or opportunities. He has since brought that program back to Campbell Hall, where it has continued to thrive in partnership with the celebrated L.A.’s Best after-school programs.

After growing up in Detroit and San Diego, Glen attended college at Columbia University, where he won the Bennett Cerf Prize for Fiction. He earned his MFA and MA at the University of Montana, where he was a Fiction Fellow and Bertha Morton Scholar.

From 1995-2002, he was a regular contributor to L.A. Weekly, and his criticism and essays have appeared in numerous magazines and alternative newspapers across the U.S.

He is the singer, songwriter, and keyboardist with Momzer, whose second album, The Light at Someone Else’s Table, was released the Fall of 2015.

He lives in the Los Angeles area with his family and cats.