More Than Midnight: Newly Revised & Expanded Trade Paperback!

More Than Midnight: Newly Revised & Expanded Trade Paperback!

  • Author: Brian James Freeman
  • Artist: Vincent Chong
  • Page Count: 156 pages
  • Pub. Date: March 19, 2019
  • Status: In-Stock

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Now Revised & Expanded With Bonus Stories and Author Notes!

More Than Midnight
by Brian James Freeman

About the Book:
This collection features tales of horror by Brian James Freeman that deal with both real and supernatural terrors, exploring unfamiliar territories within the heart and mind, uncovering our darkest demons in the most unexpected places:

• Erin and Russ discover something their beloved "Pop-Pop" hid away in his attic that was never meant to see the light of day again.

• A lonely young man's unusual job takes a heavy toll on him in "Answering the Call."

• In "The Final Lesson," a mild-mannered high school teacher might not be able to control himself when he learns the truth about his wife's death.

• Patty knows everyone makes mistakes in life, and when it comes to "Loving Roger," she wants to fix the errors of her ways, no matter how high of a price she might need to pay.

• A family man discovers monsters taking over the world in "Among Us," but he also learns that a chosen few can fight back–if they're willing to  sacrifice everything they love the most.

• As "Not Without Regrets" opens, Sarah is remembering her grandmother's motto: make every day count and live without regrets because no one gets out alive.

• Finally, in "What They Left Behind," a young man discovers something lurking in the basement of an abandoned office building… something that is evil, and very, very hungry.

These stories showcase Brian James Freeman's dazzling virtuosity and imagination as his characters descend into the depths of madness. Discover why Richard Matheson called his writing "spooky stuff" and why Stewart O'Nan said his stories have "great velocity and impact." There is darkness all around us, but Brian James Freeman isn't afraid to shine a light onto the things that scare us the most.

Published as a perfect bound trade paperback ($15)

"Brian James Freeman is one of those writers that someone, some day, is going to call an 'overnight success,' completely ignorant of the fact that the guy has been pounding a keyboard for years, honing his craft and developing his voice the way all good writers do... You get the sense that Freeman was having a ball writing these, telling his own little campfire tales and hoping they'd find an audience. His enjoyment is infectious."
Blu Gilliand, October Country

"More Than Midnight contains five well-written, scary tales that do exactly what they were designed to do: make you turn on some extra lights, glance once or twice out the window (if reading on a dark night, which is the best time to read these kind of tales anyway) and feel the hairs on the back of your neck rise as you rub at the goose pimples slowly rising on your flesh. These tales were written in the hopes that they would spook you and that's exactly what they do. Mission accomplished!", Melissa Minners

"For the numerous readers who have developed an appetite for Freeman's charming dark fiction, here's a brand new mini-collection assembling five excellent short stories... It is now evident that Freeman is no longer a promising horror writer but an established master of the genre."
The British Fantasy Society, Mario Guslandi

"More Than Midnight by Brian James Freeman is the dark night of the soul with lightning snapping in the background, revealing that lone, dark figure standing in the roadway with his arms open for you. Go ahead and buy the book, then give that stranger a hug and pray he doesn't strangle you before the last page is finished."

Brian James FreemanBrian James Freeman is the author of The Painted Darkness, Blue November Storms, Black Fire, The Halloween Children (with Norman Prentiss), More Than Midnight, Weak and Wounded, Dreamlike States, Lost and Lonely, and Seven Stories, an Amazon eBook exclusive short story collection that was a #1 bestselling story collection in the US, UK, Germany, Spain, and France, and #2 bestseller in Italy. With Glenn Chadbourne, he's creating the "Friendly Little Monsters" series, which launches with "The Zombie Who Cried Human" in April 2018. He is also the editor of Dark Screams (with Richard Chizmar), the Halloween Carnival series, Detours, The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book (with Bev Vincent), The Illustrated Stephen King Movie Trivia Book (with Kevin Quigley and Hans-Ake Lilja), and Reading Stephen King. Visit him on the web at