The Zombie Who Cried Human

The Zombie Who Cried Human

  • Author: Brian James Freeman
  • Artist: Glenn Chadbourne
  • Page Count: 64
  • Pub. Date: April 23, 2019
  • ISBN: 978-1-58767-652-9 (THC) and 978-1-58767-648-2 (LMTD)
  • Status: Out of Print

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The Zombie Who Cried Human
text by Brian James Freeman
illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne

About the Book:
Little Boy Zombie lives on a big farm just outside of Romero Town with Mama Zombie, Papa Zombie, and Rex the Zombie Dog.

One day, while Mama Zombie and Papa Zombie are away, Boy Zombie is left in charge of the farm. But when he gets bored, he decides to play a prank on the citizens of Romero Town. He yells toward town, "Humans here, humans here!" And everyone comes shambling to the farm to help.

When they discover they've been tricked, Boy Zombie is warned by his elders: "Don't cry 'humans' when there are no humans!"

But will he learn his lesson in time?

The Zombie Who Cried Human is the first book in the "Friendly Little Monsters" series from Brian James Freeman and Glenn Chadbourne, who are blending classic fables with modern storytelling techniques to entertain children and adults of all ages.

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Published as a Signed & Slipcased Hardcover Limited Edition:
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"The series will take classic children's stories and add a spooky twist. The Zombie Who Cried Human takes its inspiration from Aesop's fable 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf,' teaching the moral that even the walking dead should remember to be honest."
Entertainment Weekly

Brian James FreemanBrian James Freeman is the author of The Painted Darkness, The Halloween Children (with Norman Prentiss), Darkness Whispers (with Richard Chizmar), Blue November Storms, More Than Midnight, Weak and Wounded, Dreamlike States, Lost and Lonely, The Illustrated Stephen King Movie Trivia Book (with Kevin Quigley and Hans-Åke Lilja), and The Illustrated Stephen King Trivia Book (with Bev Vincent). Visit him on the web at

Glenn Chadbourne is a freelance artist specialising in the horror/dark fantasy genre. His work has appeared in over eighty books, as well as numerous magazines, comics, and video games. His illustrations have accompanied works of the horror genre's hottest authors, among them Stephen King, where Chadbourne created artwork for the two volume set "The Secretary Of Dreams" . Other King projects include P.S. Publishing's edition of The Colorado Kid, Cemetery Dance's edition of "Full Dark No Stars" and most recently "The Dark Man" also published by Cemetery Dance. Chadbourne lives in mid coast Maine with his wife Sheila and their Boston terrier, Evan.