Slipcase for Hearts in Suspension by Stephen King

Slipcase for Hearts in Suspension by Stephen King

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Sorry, this title cannot be purchased with any coupons or special discounts. This listing is ONLY for the slipcase; the book is not included.

Order a Special Custom Slipcase for
Hearts in Suspension
by Stephen King
edited and with an introduction by Jim Bishop

Even though Hearts in Suspension by Stephen King was published by another publisher, we have produced one of our popular custom-made slipcases for this title like we have for several other New York Times bestselling books in recent years!

Don't know what a slipcase is? That's okay! See the sample 3-D mock-up above for a better idea of what a slipcase is. We're using the same high-quality materials we have used for our previous cases and these will be stamped with TWO color hot foil stamping. The company who makes these for us is the best in the business and you won't find a better way to protect your investment!

We're selling these special slipcases for just $24.95, making them an extremely affordable way to protect your book. These cases will be produced after the book is published because we need a real copy of the book to get the sizing just right and this process usually takes approximately twelve to fourteen weeks. We think our collectors will be very pleased with what we have in mind for these very special cases, so don't wait to place your order!

Please Note: the slipcase does NOT include the book. The book is shown in the 3-D mock-up above to illustrate how a slipcase works. You can order the book separately on our Hearts in Suspension by Stephen King product page.