Shivers (eBook)

Shivers (eBook)

  • Author: William Schoell
  • Page Count: 250 pages (estimated)
  • Pub. Date: September 25, 2016
  • Status: E-Book

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Shivers (eBook)
by William Schoell

About the eBook:
Deep beneath the city streets lurks a creature hideous beyond description, powerful beyond imagining, a creature so dangerous that it can destroy its victims by the virulence of its thoughts. The emanations of its computer-like brain invade every sanctuary, searching for those it would destroy. It is remorseless, cunning and inhuman. The pitiful human weaklings it has chosen as prey shudder with terror and disgust, but there is no escape...

About the Author:
William Schoell is the author of more than thirty published books, including novels, biographies, celebrity/movie star books, and books on pop culture and the performing arts. He lives in Manhattan.