Vicious (eBook)

Vicious (eBook)

  • Author: William Schoell
  • Page Count: 487
  • Pub. Date: August 1, 2017
  • Status: E-Book

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by William Schoell

About the eBook:
The Evil... It was an obscene evil that could not be quenched with blood or sated with the flesh of its defiled victims.

The Terror... It wormed its way into the human brain, devouring the mind, controlling the body and turning its prey into savage creatures lusting for destruction.

The Metamorphosis... Its only outward sign was the grotesque metamorphosis of its victim's hand into a gnarled four-fingered claw -- a claw whose razor-sharp nails dealt death with the precision of a stiletto.

The Search... It was unconquerable in its mindless violence, supreme in its viciousness, and as elusive as a foul wind.

Only reporters Dorothy Hunter and James Radley even guessed its existence. They had to find it before it grew stronger... before it grew hungrier... before it found them.

About the Author:
William Schoell is the author of more than thirty published books, including novels, biographies, celebrity/movie star books, and books on pop culture and the performing arts. He lives in Manhattan.