Turnaround by Craig Spector eBook Edition!

by Craig Spector

eBook Edition Available For IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD!

Hi Folks!

We realized some of our readers missed the news over the summer about the eBook edition of Turnaround by Craig Spector, so we wanted to send out a reminder about it!

TurnaroundAbout the Book:
Eric Best’s world is changing… not just a piece here or there, really changing.

His monotonous day job working for an Internet search engine company leaves him unfulfilled, so he starts writing an exciting screenplay.

His wife isn’t happy with all of his time being monopolized, and their marriage is already a little rocky, but Eric is determined to finish what he started.

He’s becoming more and more invested in his work. He’s even having lucid dreams of his scripted universe… but more real.

Then he notices the changes.

Changes in his life that are impossible, wonderful, and even horrific…

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Thank you, as always, for your continued support and enthusiasm!

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