A Halloween Thing A Day: Do-It-Yourself Scary Skull


Plastic skulls. Ceramic skulls. Candle holder skulls. Skulls that talk. Skulls that glow when you plug ’em in. Right now, you can find just about any kind of skull you want to add to your Halloween decorations.

This one is much cooler. It will take a little work, but Frank Ippolito makes it look easy—like anyone, even craft-challenged people like me, can transform a plain white plastic skull into a gory charred-flesh masterpiece.

Grab a plastic skull, some latex, some cotton, and a little paint. Then fire up this how-to video and let Frank guide you through the process.

Seems simple, right? If you give it a shot, share a photo of your results in the comments. I might even do the same….

Blu Gilliand is the managing editor of Cemetery Dance Magazine and Cemetery Dance Online. Promise not to laugh if his skull doesn’t turn out quite this good.

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