A Halloween Thing A Day: Hellboy Wine


If you read any Hellboy comics, you know he is no stranger to spirits—both the ghostly kind and the alcoholic kind. His tequila-fueled adventures in Mexico alone are the stuff of legend. In fact, it’s mostly hard liquor that I recall Hellboy imbibing…but to be honest, I can’t remember ever seeing him turn down a bottle of wine…

hellboywineHellboy creator Mike Mignola has been pretty selective when it comes to merchandising, which is why the existence of this Hellboy Pinot Noir is somewhat surprising. It’s a 2011 vintage from the Stoller Family Estate in Oregon, set to ship on October 31. It’s kind of a bummer that it won’t be available to sip while passing out candy Halloween night, but it’s very existence is enough to make me smile. At $50 it’s on the pricey side of collectibles, but the bottle—featuring Mignola’s artwork for the cover of “Hellboy: The Sleeping and the Dead” #2—will make a classy addition to your comic book/Halloween decor.

Blu Gilliand is the managing editor of Cemetery Dance Magazine and Cemetery Dance Online. He never drinks…wine.

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