A Halloween Thing A Day: ‘Season’s Greetings’


In 1996, Michael Dougherty released a short animated film called “Season’s Greetings,” which introduced a creepy, child-like character with a burlap mask and a love for Halloween. That character was named Sam, and you can see his introduction to the world below:

Eleven years later Dougherty re-introduced Sam in his Halloween-themed anthology film Trick ‘r Treat, a wonderful slice of autumn creepiness that’s now a staple of many October horror movie marathons.

As you prepare for tonight’s festivities, remember—those costumed kiddies might look cute from afar, but if you get too close, you might find that what’s underneath the mask isn’t so innocent after all.

Happy Halloween!

Blu Gilliand is the managing editor of Cemetery Dance Magazine and Cemetery Dance Online. Happy Halloween!

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  1. And Happy Halloween to you and everyone at Cemetery Dance! Thank you all so much for all you do for this community.

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