Announcing A Surprise New Limited Edition: Dinner With the Cannibal Sisters by Douglas Clegg!

Dinner With the Cannibal Sisters by Douglas Clegg
Surprise Brand New Signed Limited Edition Hardcover Rolling At the Printer!

Dinner With the Cannibal SistersWe’re pleased to announce we’ll be publishing a brand new novella by Douglas Clegg called Dinner With the Cannibal Sisters as a signed Limited Edition hardcover and we’re sending the book to the printer this week for a July publication date!

Douglas Clegg has been one of the most popular authors with collectors of our hardcover special editions over the years, and this new one might just be our favorite book of his to date, so don’t wait because you might miss out!

About the Book:
From Douglas Clegg, award-winning author of Neverland and Isis, comes a dark gem about a notorious family — and a feast like no other.

You’re invited to dinner…

In October 1890 authorities discovered two teenaged girls at Bog Farm surrounded by a scene of unimaginable carnage. A legend grew of their cannibalistic night of terror, but young Lucy and Sally were never put to trial and no one has ever before gotten close enough to interview them.

Twenty years later, an inexperienced reporter travels to their New Hampshire farm, determined to shed light upon the events of that night.

Lizzie Borden, Dr. Crippen, the Windrow Sisters — murderers whose mystique has lasted more than a century. But of them all, the tale of the Windrow girls is unrivaled in its legend of depravity and innocence corrupted.

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