Big News is Coming on Monday, May 23rd


We’ve done this sort of “tease” a few times over the years and the main reason is because there are certain announcements that some collectors care about more than others — and if they miss out on those, we sure hear about it! That’s why this notice has now appeared on our front page:

Coming Soon...

What we’ve learned from past experience is this: when we have something we think collectors might be really excited about, we spread the word about the date of the announcement as widely as possible so anyone who is interested can be paying attention that day.

We can’t say more about what we’ll be announcing, but we do encourage our collectors to watch for the newsletter, monitor our Twitter and Facebook accounts, or stop by the front page of the website.

Reminder: the newsletter can take up to 4 hours to send because we have more than 33,000 subscribers, so you might see news on Twitter or Facebook before the newsletter reaches your inbox:

Cemetery Dance on Facebook


As always, thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm!

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