Booklist calls THE HANDYMAN “a finished mansion full of sick, playful rooms for you to explore.”

We’re pleased to report that The Handyman by Bentley Little is being lauded by the critics as perhaps his best novel to date in his already acclaimed career. Here’s what Daniel Kraus in Booklist just had to say:

“And you thought your contractor was bad? Little, one of the most dependable tanks in horror fiction, follows such delightful jobs-from-hell shockers as The Mailman (1991) and The Consultant (2015) with a story of a simple handyman named Frank Watkins. Or Watson. Or Wilton. Or Wilson. Depends on where he pops up, see. Daniel Martin was just a little kid when Frank built a vacation house for the Martin family—a house that had dead dogs buried under it and suffered a structural collapse that killed Daniel’s brother. Years later, Daniel, now in real estate, happens across other so-called “Frank houses,” structures of shoddy build that always manage to kill their occupants. Teaming up with a paranormal TV show called Ghost Pursuers (Little cleverly credits Frank’s supernatural activity as causing the rise of such shows), Daniel hits the road to track down this hammer-swinging, cement-pouring, child-killing fix-it man. Though Little appears to lose interest during the mumbo-jumbo-filled final battle, this is far from a fixer upper. It’s a finished mansion full of sick, playful rooms for you to explore.”

The Handyman

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