Brides of the Impaler by Edward Lee: A Brand New “Surprise” SIGNED Limited Edition!

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BridesToday we’re very pleased to announce Brides of the Impaler by Edward Lee, a “surprise” in-stock Limited Edition that is in our warehouse right now and will be ready to ship next week!

Update for the Collectors:
Both editions are already 78% sold out and the remaining copies may not last long!

About the Book:
Cristina Nichols fears the future, through the harrowing whispers of her past.
She longs to forget the depraved abuses she suffered in her youth that left
her afraid of love and passion. But something, somewhere, is suddenly tantalizing her, beckoning into a muse of carnal revelation and ecstatic fulfillment…


Deep in the cryptic New York City brownstone, something awakens, brimming with hot, real breath, libidinous longings and desires of the flesh the likes of
which Cristina cannot conceive…

A SECRET LUST BURIED FOR AGES… In the basement she finds it, the sinister evil finally unbound, reaching forth in vampiric bloodlust to prey upon her most forbidden fantasies and plummet her body and soul into a chasm of wantonness as black as the most timeless sin…


The secret will drench your desires in blood…

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