Cemetery Dance #67 Shipping This Month!

Cemetery Dance #67 Shipping This Month!
Neil Gaiman Visits With Stephen King, A New Douglas Clegg Story, and More!

Hi Folks!

Today we’re pleased to announce Cemetery Dance #67 is already rolling at the printer and will be shipping at the end of this month!

Just one of the features is “The King and I” by Neil Gaiman, a detailed account of Gaiman’s trip to visit Stephen King in Florida. Some of the topics they discuss include King’s new novel Joyland, how King feels about Joe Hill’s writing, why he wrote a sequel to The Shining, and why he’s considering removing himself from the Dark Tower series on a future rewrite of the books.

Also included this the jam-packed issue are stories by Douglas Clegg, Blake Crouch, Will Ludwigsen, Peter Ullian, Daniel Braum, and Joel Sutherland; interviews with Al Sarrantonio and Matt Costello by Lisa Morton; a feature review of Shadow Show: Stories in Celebration of Ray Bradbury; and much, much more!

CD #67

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