Cemetery Dance #72 Shipping to Subscribers Now!

Cemetery Dance #72 Shipping to Subscribers Now!
Featuring Stephen King, Norman Partridge, Rick Hautala, Thomas F. Monteleone, and many others!

Hi Folks!

We’re pleased to announce Cemetery Dance #72 has been rolling at the printer for a while and will start arriving in subscriber mailboxes at the end of month!

This issue features the uncollected short story “Summer Thunder” by Stephen King, along with stories by Norman Partridge, Stephen Bacon, Tim Davis, Richard Thomas, and Victorya Chase.

The non-fiction includes “The Zebra Interviews: Rick Hautala, Ronald Kelly, and C. Dean Andersson” by Christopher Fulbright, a look inside the horror boom.

Our usual suspects return with new columns by Bev Vincent, Thomas F. Monteleone, Michael Marano, Ellen Datlow, Ed Gorman, Robert Morrish, and Mark Sieber.

There’s also cover artwork by Stacey Drum and interior artwork by Chris Bankston, Mark Edwar Geyer, Stephen C. Gilberts, Chris Odgers, Shane Smith, and Luke Spooner.

Plus Bev Vincent reviews Revival by Stephen King as a special FEATURE REVIEW!

CD #72

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