Cemetery Dance #77 Shipping Now!

Featuring Bill Pronzini, Gerard Houarner, Wrath James White, Bev Vincent,
Thomas F. Monteleone, Ellen Datlow, and many others!

Hi Folks!

We’re pleased to announce Cemetery Dance #77 has shipped from the printer and subscriber copies are on the way!

This issue features fiction by Bill Pronzini, Gerard Houarner, Ralph Robert Moore, Wrath James White, Jason Sechrest, J.P. Hutsell, Terra LeMay, Mark Rigney, and Eric Rickstad.

The special features include “A Conversation with Jack Ketchum” and “Lucky McKee on Collaborating with Jack Ketchum” by Mike Noble, along with “A Chip Off the Old Bloch: An Interview with Sally Francy” by Leigh Blackmore.

Our usual suspects return with new columns by Bev Vincent, Thomas F. Monteleone, Michael Marano, Ellen Datlow, Robert Morrish, and Mark Sieber.

This issue features cover artwork is by Caniglia and interior artwork by Chris Bankston, Glenn Chadbourne, Stacy Drum, Steven C. Gilberts, Will Renfro, Chad Savage, Frankie Washington.

CD #77

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